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History of Pharmacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History of apothecarys shop - Essay ExampleWe now have vaccines to prevent our children from contracting fatal diseases that use to plague us in the earlier times. Had the break though of information been far fetched an idea, then population would not be a problem now and perhaps we would not live up to the days where we see our off-springs fatigue their own. We would not be able to see the world plough exceedingly technical through with(predicate) the science of major discoveries. Such, to me is the importance of learning the history of pharmacy, thus fashioning me marvel at its relevance and importance. Without this disunite of medicine, doctors would not have access to measure and solutions and therefore there would be no medication operational to sick people. The study of what and how pharmacy evolved enlightens me into a realization that pharmacist play an imperative aspect making the world a better place to live in. When the world searched for drugs to cure illness, we became the answer to it.Along with the publicity of science, people learned to embrace the importance of the discovery of drugs. Those who made this potential were the people who impositionstakingly canvass the pharmacologic aspect of the drug are the heroes of the modern world, with out them there would not be pain relievers or antacids and circumspection of these medications wouldnt be known and practice had there been not enough knowledge imparted to evidentiary people assisting sick individuals become well. If there were no pharmacies around, where would we get our medicines prescribed by our physician Without pharmacist, who would do cross check of the prescriptions issued by doctors Pharmacy is made available because there is a need for drugs to become available to ordinary individual, to assist them with their queries relative to the drugs potency, dosage and uses. Questions which they perhaps failed to ask their general physicians, or possible instructions that were no t clearly discussed to them due to time constraints. Through out the years, the practice of pharmacy and its management has been clearly affected by cultural diversity, this is because culture plays a strong role in the counsel interactions happen. Culture dictates the manner with which we relate to one another even when the most frank need arise. The obvious need I am referring to may reflect in our hesitation to ask or withdraw clarification, or this can be due to language barrier. Most often, the practice of pharmacy management is highly similar to establishing relationships with others highly critical and full of emotion, simple put, characterized with to human nature. Certain beliefs are thus answered through the science of pharmacology, just like in the manner with which ordinary fever used to be perceive as punishment of the gods in the olden times but in the present, fever is a significant indicator that there is an infection which your own body is fighting against thro ugh the efforts and mechanism of your own whitened blood cells. Doctors may not have time to explain this to

Respond to classmate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Respond to classmate - Essay ExampleI agree that everyone would be able-bodied to benefit much from this and how it effects all workforce scenarios and the way each will always stretch to evolve.Quality is 100 percent essential in every organization, including ones workplace. It does not depend where it is applied, but it must be one concept that no one overlooks. To ignore quality is to raging time, money for the organization. Each employee should be subject to different types of reviews and audits to increase the likelihood of their job performance. Though these back be a bit intimidating to the employer, it is only natural to essential to keep people on task at their jobs and to continue to produce effectively and efficiently.I find that managers should be mentors and voices of reason, watching to stand by encourage employees to do better. To be criticized can be done tactfully and without shame. To abuse power is about like bullying and should not be tolerated. Everyone at some point at any presumptuousness time has been in a place in the work force where they have encountered a acquire curve. This has led people to feeling absolutely miserable in their jobs. I completely agree that managers are some of the first people that can make changes in the workplace by reinforcing a more positive environment. It really does make an employee feel better about themselves and feel more apt to want to work harder for that positive

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Development methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Development methods - Essay Example in that respect are both undertaken to improve the performance measure or increase the cost saving opportunities. entire crop is whereby a strategy is achieved through building on advancing the capabilities of an organization. It is defined as the growth rates of the business firm excluding the scale increases from mergers, acquisition or takeovers (Hess, 2007). In strategic alliance, more than onefirm destinys resources and activities in send to pursue a strategy. Hassanien, Dale and Clarke (2010, 17) define strategic alliance as an arrangement amongst two or more independent firms, which makes a decision of operating in a sealed business. This is through jointly coordinating resources and skills on their own or merging their operations.Microfinance industry is one of the institutions that choose been growing significantly through organic, merger, acquisition and strategic alliance. This sector has attracted many investors because of vari ed reasons, hence strategically increasing the performance level. The first reason is that the industry is not only based on pecuniary motives but also managerial and market share motives. Many microfinance firms have been operating their business where there are potential markets. Shenkar and Reuer (2006, p. 123) argue that many microfinance industries strive to survive in the global competitive market thus many of them seek for alternative means of surviving in the competitive global market. Therefore, they chair mergers and acquisitions as well as choose organic growth and strategic alliance in order to achieve successful business performance.The merger between Britvic and AG Barr is inclined thus it is a share deal with management emerging from both companies. The deal is structured as an acquisition from both companies and the shareholders bet to be on the top. Both organizations share the shame profits and the annual cost savings are

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Topic picked from the book clockwork orange Research Paper

Topic picked from the book clockwork orange - Research Paper ExampleR. Deltoid, The prison chaplain, Billyboy, The prison governor, take care of the interior, Dr. Branom, Dr. Brodsky, F. Alexander and Cat woman. The novel was purpose in fully written to show people that their past does not matter, and that whatever they were they stand change from their past. Alex is the main character in the book, being portrayed as the angry one. Certain quotations from the book are subject to interpretation, and will be looked at in this essay. The first chapter has a quotation that catches my eye, which reads, Whats it going to be then, eh? There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim. Dim being really pitch-black and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard though dry (Burgess, pg 10). In this extract, Alex has been portrayed as the figurative bad guy in the novel. He has a show of might and rank, calling his friends droogs, meaning that they answer to him. Alex is liberal, and this bath be viewed by the use of his slang language. He uses the language liberally and without worry. I cant help just notice that he has taken the role of a leader, in that he is the leader of his closed chain of friends. Alex stands for a typical and super successful teenager. This can be believen by the way he has dressed slice with his gang, The four of us were dressed in the height of fashion (Burgess, pg 10). Also noticeable is how he tells of their wealth, Our pockets were full of deng, so there was no real need from the point of view of crasting any more delightful to tolchok some old veck in an alley and viddy him swim in his blood while we counted the takings and dual-lane by four, nor to do the ultra-violent on some shivering starry grey-haired ptitsa in a defecate and go smecking off with the tills guts. But as they say, money isnt e rattlingthing. (Burgess, pg 10) From this extract, I can say that Alex is in himself a master at the game of violence, and at everything he does. Though he knows violence and has participated in it, he still believes that there is more to life than money. From these quotations, a lot can be studied according to his personality. I can conclude without doubt that Alex is generic, mindless, has considerable knowledge of evil, substantive, is highly individualistic and from the looks of it is likeable from the way he carries himself. As soon as his own boost kicks in, Alex leads his gang into the streets, where they find an old man carrying books home from the library. Sensing his fear, they first play with him for a few moments ahead beginning to assault him. After ripping apart his books and taking his false teeth together with his clothes, they permit him walk away whimpering. The gang continues in their violent spree until the law catches up. He is betrayed by the very people he leads, with his one violent sche me not going according to plan. Dim betrays him, and he finds himself beaten up and being forced to confess to his crimes. This shows that Alex is trusting, though from this it seems he trusts the wrong people. I see this in the extract, Bog murders you, you vonny stinking bratchnies. Where are the others? Where are my stinking traitorous droogs? One of my cursed grahzny bratties set up me on the glazzies. Get them before they get away (Burgess, pg 66). Dim chained him, and the rest were nowhere to be seen. He learns his lesson the hard way.

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British History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

British History - Essay ExampleIf we are wondering(a) identity, then(prenominal) perhaps it is not proper to talk about how the pudding st unitary talks of the great European question rather the commonwealth of these three so called nations if that forget be correct. How can such an empire stand if until now, it has still no clear view of what an Empire should be and or how it should be perceived by the surrounding nations. As of now, Canada, Australia and some parts of Africa are seen to be an extension of the empires blood.In on management or so, it is alike proper to say that somehow, empire has an impact in the Britishness of the people. People will ask how exactly did it form an empurpled and national ethic and is the wrapping of flag to these three nations crimson worth it Others say it is just a propaganda, others say the empire is trying and haggling over this intent to reach concord for identity. Dennis Judd from the University of London in his article entitled Bri tain The Land Before Hope and rain cloud stated a very significant message as he tried to describe this proclivity for identity and the search for unity. To be clear, he saidThe Celtic involvement in the British imperial mission was, however, often ambivalent, and sometimes downright obstructive. After all, it was the English who had claimed the hegemony of the British Isles, and who had in one way or another subdued, conquered or incorporated the three Celtic nations. Although Scotland was arguably the most independent and self-sufficient of these, the role was more that of junior partner than equal, despite the apparent willingness with which the Scottish people entered the Union by negotiation in 1707. The Welsh, however, were far more clearly a dispossessed nation, driven from the prosperous lowlands of England by the Anglo-Saxon invaders in the wake of the Roman retreat, and the Irish were even more palpably a conquered people, although here the equation was complicated by t he passionate pro-Unionism of the Protestant minority in the northern counties. (Judd, page 1)It is then easier to understand and easier to say that the idea and or ideology of empire is the one that keeps these three united nations bitch and striving for commonwealth. It is also the same ideology that boosts power to gain more in the globalized humanness. This is the thing they also call as commercial empire, something that the people would understand and know as an advantage and a deserve for embracing this ideology. And if in the old years of existence, India was the main source of employment, during the beginning of this imperialization of Britain, there came new detect for people in the area. New jobs and better lives were facing people from their front doors. The Empire has also make known its strong military force that is equivalent to Russia or Germany.Despite all these forms of development which came just about the empire, still there are also ideas that came about pro moting an opposite term of effect to the imperialism. In one way or at some point, the empire was seen to be spreading its power by commencement exercise having faithful nationalism and one soul within them. This is not solely for the purpose of attaining peace and unity within a country like the typical saying goes, instead this is to brag around the world that

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Touchpoint Mapping by Mounir Ariss and Not All Interactions Qualify as Assignment

Touchpoint Mapping by Mounir Ariss and Not All Interactions Qualify as conversation - Assignment Example3. Logical The logical dimension as suggested by the author incorporates the business processes, the schooling flows and the technology components within the validation. It is important for the organization and the employees to understand their business processes to foster good relationships with the customer.A run across map is an illustration that depicts all kinds of interactions that take place between the company and its customers. Its foundation is laid on the basis of various customer segments and is a reflection of the customers perspective. It aims at enabling the organization to maximize customer value by catering to customers differently. The touch map addresses the Logical experience dimension.1. intent a flexible opt-in policy through this policy the customer is prompted if he wants any communication from the squiffy or now. The customer should be given the opp ortunity to decide if he wants the firm to communicate to the achievement of how much communication does he want from the firms end.3. Tread overcautiously with targeted Web ads It is important to be cautious while targeting web ads. Be aware of customers informed consent on this military issue if you want behavioral targeting to succeed.5. Create a culture based on customer trust range a culture of customer trust within the organization. If the employees know that customers privacy is to be protected, it will become second nature to them and they would be very cautious about dealing with customer information.6. Remember you are responsible for your partner too Make sure that suppliers, vendors and distributors associated with you also respect your customers personal information if you are sharing it with

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Air and sea gas exchange in coastal zones Research Paper

Air and sea gas exchange in coastal zones - Research Paper ExampleThere are inherent challenges in obtaining homogeneous data for coastal waters making the data available to be fully conclusive since it is difficult to accurately quantify the gas transfer velocity as, it is influenced by a wide range of environmental variables, closely of which are strongly interlinked. Formal mathematical descriptions are being developed but they are non yet definitive.Gases are present in our atmosphere as healthful as in oceans. These gases arrest mixed with one another as an exchange takes place between the two mediums regarding the gases present in them. Our atmosphere contains a number of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and many other gases (Tokoro, et al 2007). Likewise, the oceans excessively contain a number of different gases that get emitted into the air. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that is naturally created as well as fabricated because of mans effort enters t he seawaters and the oceans pay no hindrance in evaluate the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (Tokoro, et al 2007).Just as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere enters the water of the oceans, similarly, the gases from oceans such as methyl iodide and dimethyl sulphide enter the atmosphere and affects the earths atmosphere (Tokoro, et al 2007). There are many factors that affect the exchange the gases between seawater and atmosphere such as wind swiftness and temperature (ABE, et al 2010). Speed and temperature play a crucial role in affecting the exchange of gases as it is due to these factors that the process of gas exchange between seawater and air gets started and even gets faster or lower.Coastal zones are important sites to notice the exchange of gases between atmosphere and seawater. A descriptive eyeshade of air and sea gas exchange in the coastal zones can be found in this paper, as the purpose of this paper is to inform about this exchange.Chemical oceanography encompass es both in organic fertilizer and organic chemistry and it involves the

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The case of Hamdan v Rumsfeld Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The case of Hamdan v Rumsfeld - Essay Examplede by Senate and Congress and the changing of the language in the bill whereby even though the courts would be stripped off jurisdiction in Guantanamo Bay cases, the pending cases would still be comprehend by the court. The fact that the legal language and points argued presented by the defense was lay downd strictly on constabulary and almost every one of them had the Supreme Court judges agree to them was evident that the case and view were solely based on strict construction. The ruling would however have been based on judicial activism had it been based on Columbia or Virginia as the ruling would have been political.The decision for the judges to base their ruling on strict construction was an indication of the judicial arm of the government being simple and this boosts the societys trust in this arm of the government. Allegation shave been made in the retiring(a) about how the court prejudiced the courts are and the judges show much support to the politics and governance of the day rather than do what is right. This decision however completely changed that view and especially for the immigrants and people of other(a) races who are considered minority like the Yemeni driver. The society will also digress believing in the bill of rights as the decision which was based on the sixth amendment and the third Geneva Convention upheld impartiality for all and accorded the prisoners in the military prison in Cuba a fighting chance for their cases to be comprehend and for them to be proven guilty or not as prisoners of war. The society can now start having more faith in the judicial system and believing that everyone has a fighting chance and a chance to be heard in court and the ruling made fair (Walsh and Craig 28).The social wince emphasizes that the individuals are the real people behind the government and even though they have appointed leadership as state people to govern them, they are just considered the guardians of the peoples rights (Rousseau, 26). These guardians are suppositious

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What are the main data collection techniques to elicit requirements Is Essay

What are the main data order of battle techniques to upraise requirements Is one better than another What is the preferred method - Essay ExampleBasically, there are 2 types of interview structured and unstructured interview based data collection methods. We can extract a lot of useful data through such interviews. We can use this technique to discover concourses opinions, feelings, objectives and hard facts. However, there are certain limitations of this method, for example a large amount of qualitative data can be hard to analyze and it is extremely difficult to compare diverse respondents (Fisher & Foreit, 2002 Summerhill & Taylor, 1992).This is a significant data collection technique to elicit requirements. This method allows us to collect data and training quickly a large number of people. Here we are fit to easily manage this plow remotely. This can also offer a great deal of support for collecting data astir(predicate) beliefs, attitudes and characteristics. However, t here are also certain problems with this method like that its simplistic (presupposed) categories offer a real small background. Here we also have no room for users to communicate their real requirements (Fisher & Foreit, 2002 Summerhill & Taylor, 1992).This data collection technique to elicit requirements is used for summarization as well as feedback. Here we are able to discuss the outcome of the data collection stage. This method also allows us to extract a readiness of requirements. We can use this data collection technique as a significant management tool. However, the mise en scene of this technique is very limited (depends on the discussion) (Fisher & Foreit, 2002 Summerhill & Taylor, 1992).This data collection technique to elicit requirements is based on the brainstorming and project team. This technique allows us to make use of more natural communication surrounded by people as compared to a formal interview. In this scenario, we are able to measure reaction to pauperi zation materials (for example storyboards, mock-ups, etc.). This method has also some disadvantages for instance it is can create unnatural

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Paraphrase the paragraphs in the document Essay

Paraphrase the paragraphs in the document - Essay Examplen the Chinese rail line market, there be basically five classes of stocks the ordinary domestic stock (A shares), foreign shares (includes B, h and N shares), legal entity shares (C shares), government shares and employee shares. Of all the five groups of shares in the Chinese stock market, the A shares have attracted the touch on of most researchers. The A shares are listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange as well as the Shenzhen Securities Exchange. The quotation of the A shares in both financial markets is done in the Chinese renminbi Yuan and yet individuals who live in the country can buy the shares.Further, the Chinese stock market differs from its counterparts in true nations on the basis of regulations and restrictions. In the Chinese stock market, the process of offering IPOs is characterised by strict regulations and restrictions than those in developed nations. The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) set s the rules for the Chinese stock market and ensures all the dealings are conducted in accordance with the set rules. Besides determining the newly issued shares annual quota, the CSRC is also responsible for context the method of determining the offering price for new shares. The CSRC is charged with the responsibility of determining the allotment of quota to contrastive areas and provinces via specific criteria, thus providing the number as well as cumulative value of IPOs awaiting listing on the stock market. The CSRC determines the fixed offering price (online) by multiplying the companys earnings per share by preset price earning ratio (P/E ratio). As a result, the Chinese IPOs receive little or no feedback because of the inflexibility of the method used for setting the offer price, which makes it difficult to respond to market changes (Su & Fleisher 1999).critically assessing the features of the Chinese stock market, it is apparent that there are many factors interplaying to yield the Chinese IPO underpricing. The factors

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E-business and Value Chain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

E-business and Value chain of mountains - Essay ExampleThis paper explains the firms e-business practices and the weaknesses in achieving full potential, giving recommendations on requisite improvements. Introduction Use of Radio Frequency Identification, RFID enabled FedEx transform the express saving business and particularly its emerge chain. Typically, a share would be picked by a FedEx agent and scanned then passed into the system bearing a unique identification number. This would then be taken to the sorting area or hub using a truck with other similar packages. The sorting centres would normally be over two football palm long with between 500 and 1,000 workers. Here, the packages would be sorted using conveyor belts system with a contradictory sensor. The multidimensional scanner would get the dimensions of the cargo including the length, height, width and also the weight of the packages for the determination of not and their sizes, but also the shipping cost. The scann er would read the barcodes on the package then paddles nudge the scanned package onto different belts based on their destination. Nonetheless, some packages could be sorted manually. Finally, the packages would be placed in boxes determine in a way to ensure maximum efficiency in space utilisation in the plane. FedEx has a control centre that coordinates truck movements while still monitoring airplane and airport conditions. On reaching its destination, FedEx courier hand delivers the package, scanning it again so as to complete the transaction (FedEx 2012). RFID applied science enhanced FedExs supply chain efficiencies. Q.1 The power of the profit at FedEx FedEx was the first express delivery company to adopt e-business capabilities in its operations by availing package load discipline to its customers over the earnings (Hemmatfar, Salehi & Bayat 2010). The Internet defined the opportunity for attaining competitive advantage for those businesses that adopted the technology in their business operations. Smith, the conk out and President of the company had foreseen the change in the way of conducting business and interaction of people through Internet business. As such, its customers do not have to physically drop their parcels to the nearest location. Instead, they would order for pick up online or by calling. E-supply chain ensured that these customers access shipment status information when need arises from their desktop terminals. FedEx launch a dedicated website and gives each of its customers a unique bar code that would individualise each shipment hence the convenience in tracking ones packages referred to as FedEx InternetShip. Other than accessing shipping information, customers and recipients would score shipping documentation from the website. According to Harris (2009), FedExs PowerShip programmes of 1980s profferd high sense of autonomy among its customers, providing the capability of preparing shipments, impression of barcode labels, trac king of packages status and producing invoices, all without engaging any FedEx employee. With more advancement in technology, today, FedEx has adopted m-commerce strategies to provide its customers with wireless solution such as tracking package through the organisations kinfolk delivery and ground web enabled services. Through these personal data assistance, PDAs customers would virtually access tracking information from any location any time. FedEx entered into an agreement with w-Technologies Inc. that enabled the organisation make its website available on

Housing Organization Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Housing Organization - study Study ExampleGFHA, on the other hand, appeared to have a to a greater extent dictatorial style of focal point with a downward flow of communication. The bleakly created housing association would be based in new offices located in the centre of the borough. The management considered centralisation to be beneficial, as it would assist in edifice bridges amongst residents living across the borough using their services. It would to a fault assist staff in the association, to work more closely.Hatton Cross has experienced all the problems associated with management of change - communications being the area most affected. As a result it was feared that communications between them and their client base has also been compromised. Therefore, in an attempt to dismantle any issues and improve communications the management have approached our consultancy firm.Reid and Hickman (2002) have emphasized the link between organisational outgrowth in social housing man agement systems and tenant participation. The paper shows that social housing organisations are progressively taking up the role of learning organisations and highlights the importance of tenant participation arrangements in addition to providing opportunities for tenants to process organisational decision making, Tenants and housing members thus not only change organisational management systems but helps in organisational learning, do and brings about organisational adaptation and change. The idea of a learning organisation has made a significant share in management consultancy and is not just a part of the management culture but also a part of the social system of housing management in government administrative agenda. The design of a learning organisation in the context of housing organisation could be emphasised on with the fact that housing organisations are broadly focused on organisational commitment, responsivenes

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Security Consulting Firm Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

credential Consulting Firm Paper - Essay ExampleSensitive corporate information, financial data, clients documents and detail and market competitors details are normally held in the marketing department. Therefore, information auspices breaching in marketing department roll in the hay result in sever financial losses to the company leading it to law suits. Marketing discipline System (MIS) can help companies to overcome these problems. A comprehensive guideline is presented in this report for development a sound MIS in the company.Various peer-to-peer file sharing computer software program are currently purchasable in the internet example, Torrent, BitTorrent, LuckyWire, eMule Plus COM, BearShare, eMule, LimeWire etc. These free programmes are simple to use, install and configure opus enabling users to search media files on a wide user network, download from multiple sources simultaneously, and recover from busted connections. Some of the sophisticated software also enable s previewing the videos while downloading them, interacting with another(prenominal) users in the network, bandwith management features and tools for playing downloaded files and glowing them onto CDs (Couch, 2002). Peer-to-peer file sharing is growing in popularity. However, it is a decentralized process with sever security risks. Peer-to-peer software providers are unable to monitor and control the files that are being uploaded, stored and downloaded on the network and to check them for viruses, Trojans, and other malware. Example, in a reported case, Grokster, which is a file transferring software vendor, has allowed its users to download Trojan infected software for almost three weeks before it was finally detected (Grokster, 2002). Usually file sharing requires users to make security exceptions in the firewall settings and anti-virus programmes to transmit the files. When peer-to-peer file sharing software is not configured properly,

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Overview where you are and where you want to be in 3-6 months Essay

Overview where you are and where you want to be in 3-6 months - Essay ExampleI have likewise finalized the project plan, methodology, and questions, which were presented for final approval. After gaining approval, I drafted my introduction, literature review, and methodology chapters and finally received my upgrade from MPhil to Ph.D.In the next three to six months, I am planning to apply for ethics approval, which will hopefully present me with the go-ahead to undertake the research activities with human subjects. I am also planning to posit the course content and material for the intervention training for the EFL teachers, which will draw on foundational theories to set the parameters of how to carriage and answer he research question (Adams & Puetow, 2014). Finally, I want to begin the initial collection of information to carry out a pilot for my research study. It is hoped that the pilot study will allow for the process of theoretical concepts and throw up an array of altern atives ideas about what will be observed, which should later coalesce into much articulated concepts (Adams & Puetow,

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Symptoms, transmission, treatments, and prevention of the HPV virus Research Paper

Symptoms, transmission, treatments, and prevention of the HPV virus - enquiry Paper ExampleIt is indisputable that the greater the degree of abnormality the greater the risk of crab louse. Cervical cancer develops due to various factors and HPV infection is a significant factor.As such, recurring HPV infections have been identified, as the political boss cause for cervical cancer. Cervical cancer develops due to various factors and HPV infection is a significant factor. It claims a large number of female lives, all over the world.Immunization Practices (ACIP) it was stated that HPV is a necessary nevertheless not sufficient cause of all cervical cancers. Approximately three fourths of all cervical cancers in the United States are squamous cell the remaining are adenocarcinomas (Markowitz, March 23, 2007).Despite the fact that HPV causes cervical cancer, not all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. According to this study, HPV is not the only reason for cervical cancer, although on many occasions its presence was observed, while detecting cervical cancer. Thus, HPV is not the sole cause for cervical cancer. HPV is mainly inherited through sexual contact. In some cases, the HPV infection persists even after several(prenominal) years have elapsed after sexual contact with an infected person.In accordance with these studies, HPV is not the only cause for Cervical pubic louse. However, it was detect in the majority of the cases. In the US, squamous cell and adenocarcinomas have been seen to be the active cause for Cervical Cancers, in three fourths of the cases.The following discussion makes it clear that Cervical Cancer can be prevented, if HPV infection is detected at an early stage. Nevertheless, such infection cannot be detected in the initial stages, on account of the absence of symptoms.A study conducted by Vanslyke, Baum, Plaza et al declared that Cervical cancer is a preventable disease resulting from infection with high-risk types of sexually transmitt ed human papillomaviruses (HPVs). Public

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The prevention and reform of prostitution in Victorian England Essay

The stripe and re micturate of harlotry in Victorian England - Essay Examplein Burns). Enduring the pains of poverty, these women install themselves incapable of reconciling with Victorian ideals of purity and get into prostitution. For them, earning for a living was more immediate and jolting reality (Cooper 6).However, society and state always put considerable efforts to curb and regulate the practice. The paper discusses variant forms of regulations and reforms that were implemented to prevent prostitution in Victorian England. During Victorian age, England experiences economic and social issues which were accompanied by industrialization (Haggard qtd. in Burns).The paternalistic Victorian society was inclined towards wealth accumulation in the form of property and was rigidly divided into classes. Wealth was concentrated in a small upper-class who was analphabetic of poverty and poor. Victorians had puritanical conscience when it came to gender and sexuality (Pearson 11). M en and women owned entirely different spheres of society. humankind sphere belonged to men while women belonged to private sphere or home(Anderson 13).Those who were outside private spheres were considered public property. consort to Rubinstein, absence of factory work, dock and construction workers, sailor population on shore, immigrants and slumming city male undergo women entering into prostitution as profession (11 qtd. in Burns).Economic insecurity compelled even the married women to work as prostitutes during low times of their seasonal works 1(Cooper 30). 1. Major Causes of Prostitution It is often believed that the men who seduced and urged women to get into prostitution were upper-class male and victims (girls) were either very poor or their domestic servants. However, Bartley argues that such ideas of seduction atomic number 18 not more than myth (4).Some stress that men enticed young girls with money and or toys or procured them from brothels by convincing them that t hey will help in entering the domestic service. Reformers believed that female child between the ages of football team to fifteen were either kidnapped or lured into prostitution approximately four hundred men earned their accompaniment by doing this. However Bartley doubts any of such causes of prostitution because he asserts they lack evidence, he asserts that most of the girls were positive(p) by other girls in the trade (4).Drinking is also closely linked with the practice because it lowers the moral determine and most women were considered to be drunk when commit it first time. Rescue workers, missionaries, magistrates, policemen, law officials, and reform workers believed that there were obscure social, psychological, economic factors are involved, in addition to the idea that prostitutes were the victims of social injustice and male sexual play (Bartley 5).Religious reformers believed in training and reforming girls who repent. They also strengthened the repeal movements (McHugh 187).Numerous evidences however, confirm poverty and economic reasons as the major(ip) contributing factor to prostitution. For instance, a prostitute known as Swindling Sal reveals the reason of her coming into prostitut

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School and Students Essay Example for Free

School and Students EssayDone By Fariha caravanserai Yr 8Australian International School should adopt the year more or less discipline process for the benefit of students. During pine spend breaks, students bar what they have conditioned. Not e rattlingone correspondings traveling during the same judgment of conviction every year. Short breaks divine service receive education and allow students take rests in the perfect time without over pressurizing students. So, adopting year go schooling in AusIS would economic aid students and give better grades to them. In long summer breaks, students mostly forget what they learned the past year. Kids memories are non that good and for two-three months breaks, students do not requirement to review what they learned and usually stay busy traveling, having fun, playing or getting bored at home. If the long summer breaks were made short and spread throughout the whole year, it would help students remember what they learned. It is fictive that shorter breaks help students retain information- therefore less time needs to be spent on review, Kathryn L. Brandy, teacher in the year round school, Jacksonville Florida Times Union.If teachers would review bits of information to students, then they would remember the rest of the information. foresighted summer breaks would doctor all the hard work of students throughout the whole year. So, it would be really facilitatory to students if the long summer breaks were made shorter and spread through the whole year, by this students will be fitted to catch up to all the work and help them remember what they learned. Traveling at the same time every year is not something everyone like. Some people like to travel during the winter, because it is cold and you do not get tired from long journeys.Whereas for summer holidays you get tired really fast, and the weather bothers a lot. It is very hot at the time and from the hotness some students catch cold. Many problems occur from the summer vacations which affect the students life in all the ways (education, health, and etc. ). So, traveling in the summer holidays wouldnt be the opinion for everybody. If the year round schooling process would start in AusIS, the compel of students would reduce and perfect amount of education would be enriched by the students. The long summer holidays are not always fun.It gets boring and even annoying for some people. After a big summer vacation, written report starts to push in, and for a long time you are in a very big pressure, until some other holiday knocks up. If the break was spread around the whole year, students would get perfect amount of education and a good holiday in the time needed. This would also give the opportunity to the students who do not like to travel during the summer to travel in some other time during the year. So, if the summer vacation would be spread through the year, it would help students get less pressurized and study.Finally, I feel that year round schooling would help students throughout the year. It would be better and come as benefit to students. Many problems are go about by most of the students. Some of the most important counted facts would come to be as students forget what they learned the past year. Traveling during summer isnt what everybody would suggest or follow. Short breaks lessen the pressure of students and help students to enrich perfect amount of education. As, coming to my point I suggest that AusIS should adopt the year round schooling process which would come as benefit to students in health, education and traveling way.

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The Importance of Music Essay Example for Free

The splendor of Music EssayMusic has infiltrated e actually aspect of our society and culture during the course of thousands of years. In antediluvian Greece, medicine where everywhere from the slums to the palaces, directly is no different.Music exists everywhere in our society and culture nowadays and does an excellent job of reflecting it. Looking through the history of music, one git learn a curing since it reflects the time in which it was produced the grievousships of the slaves in early America, the economic success of the 20s, the worldwide conflicts and peacekeeping movements of the inhuman war and the difficulties and acceptance of homosexuals in the 80s. My question is how does music influence us on a personal and global level?Music is an excellent medium to sway oneself due to the wide mixing of relevant subject matters available, every person in the world will relate to at least(prenominal) one song one way or the other. Music apprize help us express ho w we feel when words are not enough or just wont recognise to us, this can be seen in the young Perks of being a wallflower where the protagonist Charlie has a hard time explaining himself to the people more or less him. He economic consumptions music to reflect his feelings, an example of this can be the fashioning of mix tapes that he makes to his friends to convoy a message to them or simply to give them a abbreviated view into his mind.Music means a lot to me and I have developed a very broad musical taste over the years. I listen to music every day and use it to calm down, get hyped, and blow off steam or to simply pass time. In todays society, music is used to regulate moods, market products and spread messages. Most people come in contact with music every day and each one of us have a ludicrous musical taste this makes music a billion dollar industry and a huge damp of society.Throughout history, music has spread entire cultures around the globe such as punk, hippie a nd rap. This makes music enormously relevant in the context of globally spread subcultures. Music also reflects nationality and heritage it can help us understand more about ourselves, our heritage as strong as howothers live, in different cultures even. Music is an effective and widespread medium to spread ideals and ideas, about the past, present and the future.Music is in the end something that binds us all together as a culture, ever since pre-historic tribes developed proto-instruments and chanting around the campfire, this has been the case. People can come together and share music with each other, completely different individuals can still socialize and interact due to a common musical interest, this is the case in the novel per example.Music enables us to share and interact on a different level, music has always existed in some form, and I believe it always will.Alicias commentsI think Felix did a very well written essay about the importance of music. He shows that he has thought about how the music has evolved through the years and how it affects us. He explains what music means to him and what kind of symbolic importance music have to many an(prenominal) people. He also does a comparison to the novel The perks of being a wallflower and explains what kind of importance music have in the novel and for the main character Charlie.To support his thoughts of the importance of music in The perks of being a wallflower even more, he could have given examples from certain situations in the novel. He could have referenced from the novel or written quotes to support his thoughts. To make a comparison I think he should have mentioned another novel or film where music is a central theme.

Plow and Cyrus Essay Example for Free

Plow and Cyrus EssayJohn Deeres Steel-Tipped Plow and Cyrus McCormickss Mechanical Reaper Deere invented a steel-tipped plow that halved the labor to clear acres to till. Timber for housing and close in was available in nearby woods, and settlements spread rapidly. McCormick developed the mechanical reaper which harvested grain seven multiplication faster than traditional methods with half the work force and guaranteed that wheat would dominate the Midwestern prairies.American system of rules of Manufacturing, or Interchangeable Parts Europeans had started to refer to manufacture by interchangeable mans as the American System of Manufacturing. The system had many advantages. Traditionally, damage to any part of something ruined the whole thing and no new part would fit. With interchangeable parts, however, replacement parts could be obtained and mass production also occurred. Samuel F. B. international Morse code Morse was an American inventor. He contributed to the invent ion of a single-wire telegraph system bases on European telegraphs. He was also co-inventor of the Morse code, and also an accomplished painter.Catharine Beecher, A Treatise on Domestic Economy In her widely normal Treatise on Domestic Economy, Beecher told women that technological advances made it their duty to make every house a glorious temple by utilizing space more efficiently. Contagion Theory versus Miasma Theory The unfitness of physicians to explain the diseases led to these theories. No one understood that bacteria cause epidemic cholera and yellow fever. The transmitting theory was that epidemic diseases were spread by touch, whereas the miasmas theory was it resulted from air carried gases from rotten vegetation or out of work animals.But neither theory worked. Crawford Long and William T. G. Morton Long industrious sulfuric ether during a running(a) operation. Long failed to follow up on his discovery, but four years latishr, Morton, a dentist, successfully em ployed sulfuric ether during an operation at MA General Hospital in Boston. Within a few years, ether came into wide use in American surgery. Hydropathy Hydropathy was known as the water cure, which filtered into the fall in States from Europe. By the mid-1850s the United States had twenty-seven hydropathic sanatoriums, which used cold baths and wet packs.It helped keep the pain associated with childbirth and menstruation. Sylvester Graham Graham propounded a health system that anyone could adopt. Alarmed by the cholera epidemic, Graham counseled changes in dies and regimen as well as total abstinence from alcohol. Soon, he added familiar excess to his list of forbidden indulgences. Phrenology The belief that each person was master of his or her own luck underlay not solely evangelical religion and popular health movements but also the about popular of the antebellum scientific fads phrenology.It rested on the idea that the human mind comprised thirty-seven limpid organs, ea ch located in the different part of the brain. James Gordon Bennett, the fresh York Herald, and the Penny Press Bennett utilise new technology to introduce the penny press. Newspapers could now rely on vast circulations rather than on political subsidies to turn a profit. The New York Sun became Americas first penny newspaper, and Bennetts New York Herald followed in 1835. Horace Greeley and the New York Tribune Greeleys New York Tribune pioneered modern financial and political reporting.The adamant snooping of the Tribunes Washington reporters outrages politicians. In 1848, Tribune correspondents were temporarily barred from the House floor for reporting about vocalism Sawyer of Ohio. Astor Place Riot In 1849, a long-running feud between the leading American actor, Edwin Forrest, and popular British actor William Macready ended with the Astor Place riot in New York City, which left hand twenty-two passel dead. This riot demonstrated the broad popularity of the theater.Minst rel Shows These shows arose in northern cities when white men in blackface took to the spot to present and evening of songs, dances, and humorous sketches. Minstrelsy borrowed some authentic elements of African-American culture, especially dances. P. T. Barnum and the American Museum Barnum purchased a screaky museum in NYC, rechristened it the American Museum, and opened a new chapter in the history of popular entertainment. The founders of earlier museums had bringing upal purposes. Barnum, in contrast, made pricking public curiosity the main goal.Washington Irving When British questioned Who ever reads an American book? , Americans responded by pointing to Irving, whose Sketch Book contained two famous stories, Rip Van Winkle and The figment of Sleepy Hollow. Naming hotels and steamboats after Irving, Americans soaked him in applause, but they had to concede that Irving had done more than of his beat writing while living in England. James Fenimore Cooper Cooper was the first important habitus in this literary upsurge. His most significant innovation was to introduce a distinctively American fictive character, the frontiersman Natty Bumppo.Edgar Allan Poe Poe wrote both assemblyal and poetry and was a major contributor to the American Renaissance. He set several of his short stories in Europe as one critic has noted, His art could direct been produced as easily had he been born in Europe. American Renaissance The Renaissance was a unfolding of literature. In 1800, American authors accounted for a negligible proportion of the output of American publishers. By 1830, 40 pct of the books published in the United States were written by Americans by 1850 this had increased to 75 percent.Not only were Americans writing more books increasingly, they sought to depict the features of their nation in literature and art. Henry David Thoreau Thoreau was representative of the young Emersonians. He was more of a doer and was adventurous in action. At on e point, he went to jailhouse rather than to pay his poll tax. This revenue, he knew, would support the war in Mexico, which he viewed as part of a southern conspiracy to extend slavery. The experience led Thoreau to write Civil Disobedience in which he defended a citizens right to disobey unjust laws.Ralph Waldo Emerson and The American Scholar Emerson emerged in the late 1830s as the most influential spokesman for American literary nationalism. He announced his address The American Scholar. The m had come for Americans to trust themselves. Let the single man plant himself indomitably on his instincts and there abide, he proclaimed. transcendental philosophy Its a philosophical movement that developed in the 1830s and 1840s in the Eastern region of the United States as a protest to the general state of culture and society.Among their core beliefs was the inherent goodness of both man and nature. They believed that society and its institutions ultimately corrupted the purity of the individual. Margaret Fuller Her status as an intellectual cleaning woman distanced her from conventional society. Disappointed that his first child was not a boy, her Harvard educated father determined to fox Margaret the sort of education young men would have acquired at Harvard. Fuller turned transcendentalism into an demarcation of sorts. Nathaniel Hawthorne Hawthorne was a major contributor to the American Renaissance.He wrote the famous novel, The Scarlett Letter along with The House of the sevensome Gables and The Marble Faun in Rome. He ignored Emersons call to write about everyday experiences of their teammate Americans. Ironically, their conviction that the lives of ordinary Americans provided inadequate materials for fiction led them to create a uniquely American fiction marked less by the description of the complex social relationships of ordinary life than by the abridgment or moral dilemmas and psychological states.Walt Whitman Self-taught and in love with virtually everything about America except slavery, Whitman left school at eleven and became a printers apprentice and later a journalist and editor for various newspapers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Orleans. A familiar figure at Democratic party functions, he marched in party parades and put his pen to the service of its antislavery wing. Herman Melville Melville was another key contributor to the American Renaissance who primarily wrote fiction.He did draw materials and themes from his own experiences as a sailor and from the lore of the New England whaling industry, but for his novels, be picked the exotic setting of islands in the South Seas. He wrote the famous Moby-Dick. Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, Frederic Church, and the Hudson River drill The Hudson River School flourished from the 1820s to the 1870s. Cole, Durand, and Church best represented more than fifty painters. They painted scenes of the region around the Hudson River, a waterway that Americans compared in ma jesty to the Rhine.Lyceums This is a category of educational institution defined within the education system of many countries, mainly in Europe. The definition varies between countries usually it is a type of alternate school. Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux In 1858, New York City chose a plan drawn by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux for its proposed fundamental Park. Olmstead eventually became the parks chief architect. They both wanted the park to look as much like the countryside as possible, showing nothing of the surrounding city.

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Religious and Ethnic Groups Essay Example for Free

Religious and Ethnic Groups EssayReligious And Ethnic GroupsThe religious and cultural sorts that I harbour chosen to write almost ar Jehovahs Witnesses and peaceful Islanders. The reason I check decided on theses dickens choices is because I tonus that out of my choices to write about these two I know the least about, and I wanted to know more. I al managements have been enkindle in different religions since I do non have sensation myself, but never name the time to pursue research into very m both of them. I have never really image about researching other ethnic groups, but I feel it is a good idea to do as much research as possible to connect as well as I can with my patients. I will be touching on the same subjects with both choices and show what I learned through this journey. My selected religious group of Jehovahs Witnesses differs from other religious groups because they refuse military service and blood transfusions, refuse to salute the national flag, do not study in abortion, do not conform to traditional holidays like Easter, Christmas, or their birthdays, and go door-to-door preaching and handing out literature (Engardio, Shepard, n.d.).Jehovahs Witnesses do not usually associate with mess outside of their religion, and you can not be a member unless you have been baptized. Jehovahs Witnesses believe that Jehovah is the creator of all things and is the only true God, while also believing that the devoted Spirit is an active force and not a person (Watchtower online library, n.d). They also believe that paradise is here on Earth and they do not believe in Hell (Bourque, 2012, Ten things you didnt know about Jehovahs Witnesses). The experience with Jehovahs witnesses with others that do not share its beliefs or practices has not al trends been a positive one. When they go door to door they often are greeted with rejection because they consider secular society to be morally sully and under the influence of Satan (Wikipedia, J ehovahs Witnesses, para.3). It is also very difficult to have a relationship of any kind to get to know them because of their lack of association with othersoutside of their own religion.The ways that Jehovahs Witnesses have contributed to American culture are by winning 50 out of 62 supreme court battles, and cast many precedents regarding many religious on the loose(p)dom issues (Engardio, Shepard, n.d.), they have a way of convincing criminals and immoral people to change how they live, they are also usually one of the first responders on a scene of a natural disaster to help people, like in the Boston Marathon bombing. They were also guinea pigs for having etiolate surgery which is now widely available to anyone (Engardio, n.d.). Some examples of inconsistency or prejudice that the Jehovahs witnesses have endured are raids on their houses of worship, unlawful detention, denial of employment and education, and confiscation of their property (Engardio, n.d.). On August30, 2012 Naplenews.com posted a layer of two teachers suing a school district for discrimination by declining to re-hire them after finding out they were Jehovahs Witnesses (Bhasin, 2012). affix on annarbor.com December13, 2011 a nursing home illegally fired an employee for requesting certain days off during the week because of her religion, which happened to be Jehovahs Witness (Higgins, 2011). On both of these sources the employer was the source of discrimination and court cases came about because of the discrimination. During my research on Jehovahs Witnesses I learned more than I expected to learn.I now have an find outing on why they do not salute the flag, do not donate blood, and do not socialise much outside of their own religion. I also learned that they do believe in break and dancing, which most people believe they do not do. I believe everyone believes in their own individualised beliefs. Understanding why they do, or do not do things is important to know so that way I ca n make educated judgments, and better support a variety of people. The Ethnic group I chose is Pacific Islander to get more familiar with their ways and traditions. They differ from other ethnic/racial groups because they often live a laid back style counting on one another as they are all extended family that induces together for the better of their community. Pacific Islanders did not have a form of written language for centuries using music to as a way of expression. They would play wood drums made of hollowed logs, play small and large gourds, play split bamboo, and use their voices as a way of expression.They also have traditional weddings where it is a whole family event, and the family pays for it. When there isa funeral everyone wears ominous and extended family prepares food for up to five days (Swain, n.d.). The experience of Pacific Islanders with other groups have been positive. Pacific Islanders in general get along well with others and are very family oriented, whic h draws people to them. Pacific Islanders have contributed to American culture in many ways. They have been leaders in every aspect in government, business, science, medicine, the arts, education, and the armed forces (Washington, 2013. par.3.). Many Pacific Islanders have also been awarded the medal of honor. A specific example of discrimination over against Pacific Islanders is in 1974 a suit was filed against Alaskas Wards Cove Company. The all white management segregated them from everything.They made them work in racially segregated jobs and were segregated when it came to housing and eating. When it came to the signing in 1991 of the federal Civil Rights effect this suit was still pending and excluded these specific people and allows Alaskas Wards Cove to operate above the law, and continues its discriminatory practices (Lee, 1992, par. 3.). Once again the source of this discrimination is the employer, which happens to have an all white management team. What I did find on Pa cific Islanders has helped me understand a little bit more about them. Pacific Islander can base different things to different people, and it is important not too generalize the race. I now also understand that it is their culture to have strong relationships with their families and their community. It was interesting to find out that music has played a uncollectible part of their culture when they had no written language.I enjoyed doing this research and finding the reasons behind why these groups believe in what they believe in. The biggest discrimination similarity that I found between these two groups that I researched was largely employer discrimination. The biggest differences that I found between the two are they are of different races and believe differently in religion. If I could draw any conclusions from these comparisons I would say that employer discrimination seems to be predominant, even to this day. I feel that in doing this research that no one is exempt from dis crimination, and we all have to stand up for what is repair and for what we believe in, while still respecting others beliefs.ReferencesBhasin, Sabina. (2012). Former teachers, Jehovahs Witnesses file discrimination lawsuit against school district. Retrieved from http//www.naplesnews.com/news/2012/aug/30/former-teachers-jehovahs-witnesses-file-lawsuit/ Bourque, Adam. (2012). Ten things you didnt know about Jehovahs Witnesses. Retrieved from http//www.miskeptics.org/2012/07/ten-things-you-didnt-know-about-jehovahs- witnesses/ J Engardio, P. Joel, Shepard, Tom. (n.d). Documentary, KNOCKING. Retrieved from http//www.knocking.org/ Higgins, Lee. (2011). Jehovahs Witness claims discrimination by nursing home. Retrieved from ttp//www.annarbor.com/news/jehovahs-witness-was-discriminated-against-at-pittsfield-township-nursing-home-lawsuit-alleges/ Houghton Mifflin Company. (2009) The free dictionary, (4th ed.). Retrieved from http//www.thefreedictionary.com/Pacific+Islander Lee, Tau, Pam. ( 1992). Environmental Justice for Asians and Pacific Islanders. Retrieved from http//www.urbanhabitat.org/node/962 Swain, Liz. (n.d.). Pacific Island Americans. Retrieved from http//www.everyculture.com/multi/Le-Pa/Pacific-Islander-Americans.html Watchtower online library. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/102006245 Washington. (2013). Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders Important to U.S. History. Retrieved from http//geneva.usmission.gov/2013/05/10/asian-americans-pacific-islanders-important-to-u-s-history/ Wikipedia (n.d.). Jehovahs Witnesses. Retrieved from http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jehovahs_Witnesses

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American rangelands and forests Essay Example for Free

American rangelands and woodss testPart 1Choose either a rangeland or a forest of the United States and lick current federal management strategies. Explain federal efforts to manage these lands sustainably by completing the chart below.Rangeland or Forest LocationBrief History of Rangeland or ForestWhat argon current land management problems?What are the current federal land management strategies that address these problems? What is one sustainable effort that should be implemented?American Rangeland or Forest San Bernardino guinea pig Forest San Bernardino ForestThe San Bernardino Forest was born in 1907 after the forest reserve act was passed in 1891. The forest has a history of archeological site and prospecting in the past. The roads during the winter. Trees are dying off at a fast rate causing a high chance for forest fires. Insects are damaging the trees at a fast rate. The Burned region Emergency Response (BAER) course of instruction is trying to stop the damage that burnt areas causing. The run off attenuates fish, wildlife, and many another(prenominal) other things that are important. Ecological Restoration plan. It allow take over stewardship of the land for the next 15 to 20 years. They need to sell some of the land for mining as it has a history of mining and prospecting in the past.Part 2Take your information from Part 1 and use it to create a Sustainability externalise.Your sustainability plan should present what, when, and how something is to be sustained and maintained now and into the indefinite future. Your plan can be submitted in a narrative or turn off format. The Corporation forNational and Community Service (n.d.) provides the side by side(p) list of components that make up a sustainability plan that should be included in your paper or table1. Action items Provide the items or activities that need to be addressed or that need to occur. note to the side by side(p) exampleMy plan for sustaining clean advertise in my friendship is to develop an education program about air pollution-generating activities and their personal effects, scroll a instauration twenty-four hour period and time, invite community participants, and research the effects of air pollution.2. Order of treat items Discuss how the action items in Step 1 w baleful correct or occur. One event or activity should occur before another thus, order the items into move similar to the following1) Research the effects of air pollution.2) Develop an education program.3) Schedule a presentation day and time.4) Invite the community.3. Action steps Explain how you are going to conduct the action items. How are you going to make each item or activity happen? Include individuals or aggroups who will aid you conduct these activities. Use the following as a guideIn order to schedule a presentation day and time, I will attend next calendar months community homeowners association (HOA) meeting and request permission from the board to add it to the following months agenda.4. Timeline Estimate when you are going to conduct the action items, such as In months 13, I will complete the research. If an item or activity does not have a specialised conclusion time, indicate that it is ongoing.The following is a sample of how you might incorporate your sustainabilityplan into a table formatkeep in mind this is an incomplete planAction Items(in the correct order)Action travelAction StepsResearch and identify the effects of air pollution.Review environmental websites and journals.Document the sources of air pollution and both environmental and health effects of air pollution.Document video interviews of environmental researchers and facilitators. month 13Develop an education program about air pollution effects.Develop a presentation about wherefore this program is needed and include air pollutions ill effects, the lifestyle changes that will be required, and the benefits and challenges of change. Month 13Schedule a presentatio n day and time.Attend a monthly HOA meeting to present the benefits of the program.Request that the HOA board add the presentation to the following months agenda.Document the audio and visual equipment needed for presentation and layout of the room. Month 4 distinguish and invite community participants.Tally the number of homes in the community.Create and distribute flyers to homes announcing the next HOA meeting and the educational program that will be introduced. Month 45Blank Sample Action PlanAction Items(in order)Action StepsTimelineAnybody who wants to join groups that wants to save the San Bernardino Forest. We will talk about information on saving the forest newsletters, and other ways of keeping people informed. We need to set regulations and rules to help obey the forest. We have many laws and Government groups (Baer) that need our help and support. I feel that education will be the most important tool. People always want to get involved we just have to bowl over them a chance. If they know what to do if something is wrong it could save the forest. 1 5 monthsEducation will be the most important for everybody that works or visits the forest. If we want to keep the forest in good determine we have to educate all people that work and visit the park what causes damage and how to keep the forest safe. If people know how to save the forest they will. We need to make sure all laws are stick on up all over. We need to make sure that people know the benefits of keeping the forest in good condition. 6 9 monthsHow to preserve the forest.We need to inform all entering the San Bernardino forest why it is important to protect the forest. The forest is very important to way of life and the future of our kids. It will help with air quality and the clean water. We need to cover fire safety. 1 yearHow to take actionWe need to take action and make sure we implement Government plans and the plans as a group that we came up with. We need to take care of the insect problem with safe pesticides that dont hurt the wildlife and fish. The futureBe a good stewardFollow up on all the plans and make sure we take the lead as a group. We need to see if the plans we made are devising a difference and cleaning up the burnt trees and the insect problem. Follow upReferenceswww.fs.usda.gov/sbnf/Corporation for National Community Service. (n.d.). Sample sustainability plan. In Toolkit for program sustainability, capacity building, and volunteer recruitment/management (Section 4). Retrieved from http//www.nationalserviceresources.org/filemanager/download/online/sustainability_plan.pdf.

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Modern democracy develop in America Essay Example for Free

Modern majority rule develop in America EssayThe boldness colonies on the easterly coast of American can be divided into three groups, the North, the Middle Colonies and the South. They all hand over precise different attitudes but they all came here to America to escape from the oppression back in europium and to develop a new, parliamentary country. To establish democracy, they all have to face the same enemy, the British.Modern democracy involves the right to vote, check and balance, and an elected representative. The main reasons for development of modern democracy in America were religion, wealth, policy-making freedom, pragmatism and secularism. Religion and political freedom are strongly related to each other because Christianity provided an requisite moral foundation for liberal democratic political science. The Pilgrims who reached New England in 1620 escaped from religious persecution by the face church and regime and the corruptions of Holland. Soon they deci ded to set up their own government base on Christian vagarys, particular the idea of touchity. It was one of the early steps towards modern democracy in America. The Pilgrims force up an important agreement called the Mayflower Compact. The agreement express that the government would make just laws and equal with the go for of the colonists.In practice this meant that adult male Pilgrims met from time to time to elect a regulator and a small group to assist him. The Puritans overly hated the hierarchy system in the English church. But comparing to the Pilgrims, the Puritans were more ambitious. They thought it was destiny and Gods allow that brought them to America. Religion and the idea of city upon the knoll caused them to form a democratic government. City upon a hill was proposed by John Winthrop. He meant that the new colony would be an example for the rest of the world of how God meant men and women to live. The Puritans should build their city easily and it would be come a model which England might follow.Wealth also hindered the movement of democracy. First of all, the colonists in the southwesterly went to American hoping to find wealth and success which they found by growing tobacco and slave trade. erstwhile they got wealth, they wanted to protect their property and to secure barely profit. The tho way to dothis is to have a government system where it will concern about peoples self interest. As a resolve, a democratic government is developed where most issues were approved or discussed by the people before it was passed.Pragmatism convey human taking practical actions to problems. America is a new, strange land to the colonists. The colonists had to be very flexible to cope with the wilderness. Secularism means the exclusion of religious and supernatural beliefs. These two ideas combined to develop another feature article of modern democracy that is religious freedom. It was first suggested by William Penn, a Quaker. They believed all men are equal no matter what race or what religion they believed in. The Quakers thought religion does not dictate political decisions, though the moral views originating in Christianity remain. Rather then concentrating on the religious aspect, they concentrate on amend their lives in this new country. The Shakers held a similar idea with the Quakers. They believed in Hands to work, heart to God. This developed the idea of you can believe in any religion or none at all, with little reasoned or social sanction, that is the freedom of religion.The main cause of the American War of Independence is how the British enured Americans after the Seven Years War. The Seven Years War (1756-1763) had the French on one side and Prussia backed by British gold on the other. The Seven Years War was mainly the result of trading rights. The British colonials (Americans) were pinned up against the Atlantic seaboard, with only the Hudson Bay Company in the north gainsay the French trading. Th e colonists were running out of land. British found the need to expand. But doing so, they would enter the Ohio Valley, controlled by France. In the end, France was defeated. Although Britain won the war, they found themselves in an unfavourable situation. The war was longer than the British had expected and was expensive. Even worse, the colonists were woful west. In order to maintain their new land in America British must channel troops to protect it, this was another huge spending. Since Britain had defended the thirteen colonies, they thought that the colonists should pay for the troops by mixed taxes.Starting from 1763, Britain tried to apply its own policy onto the American colonists. The American colonists were unpleased because the reason why there were here in America was to escape from English rule but now the British government was making decisions, disregarding the assemblies that they established earlier. A few events highlighted the colonists resentments and anger t oward Britain. In 1764, the Revenue Act was introduced. It stated that colonists have to pay duty for molasses which is used to make rum. It was the first time that the colonists felt the unjust of British rule. The next year, British introduced another tax through Stamp Act. This Act made colonists to buy stamps for newspaper publisher and many other essential items. They even have to buy license for playing cards and dice. The colonists became outrageous, they believed only their assemblies can tax on them, not the London Parliament which is few thousands miles away and they had not such(prenominal) power in it.The anger towards British rule was intense by Britain demolishing all duties in the Townshend Act apart from tea. The colonists regarded this as a bribe to make them end the boycott with British government so that the British can tax them. As a result, a first actual anarchy was broke out and it was known as the Boston Tea Party. Few colonists disguised themselves as In dians and threw cargos of tea into the harbour. This rebellion alerted the British. The British decided to make a harsher plan towards America. The Intolerable Acts were made in 1774 to gain total control over American colonists. The British block ports and only allow American assemblies to decorous once a year. This is the ultimate reason for making the American wanted to go to war with Britain. The Acts caused the colonists to staunch all trade with Britain and raise their own troops.Americans felt that Britain was taking their democracy away by merely ruling them in British way. Under British rule, Americans did not have the right to vote or to elect government. They did not have religion freedom and must follow the English church. They could not have their own trade. The colonists feelings could be expressed through the Philosophes arguments. As the famous philosophe, Voltaire said, I disagree with everything you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it, he beli eved that the Church stood in the way of truth by telling people what to believe instead of allowing them to think for themselves. The American extended thisidea even further and thought that Britain was in the way of their democracy and that the welfare of the colony and the Empire were not always synonymous. The philosophes also emphasised on human rights and this related to how the American thought when a government does not consent the governed, it should be change.The colonists fled from the oppression back in Europe and wanted to start a new life. Their religion, want and attidtues finally led them to the road to modern democracy. But Britain disregarded their rights and democracy and this is the immediate cause of the American War of Independence.

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Disadvantages of Using Cell Phone in School Essay Example for Free

Disadvantages of Using Cell earpiece in School EssayThe initial intention (for giving the handphone) is to provide facilities for us to know where our kids be but we must think twice before doing so. I advice parents to know how to adopt the technology before giving a mobile phone to their child. For instance, you must know if the phone given to your child wholly has the basics or if its more than that. But I still oppose just giving a basic phone. For me, not giving a phone is the best solution. Having a phone opens up the fortune for others to do bad things.We want to minimise the risk factors. Problems in school with not doing the homework because of the handphone. I believed that using kiosk phones during class will cause distraction. It doesnt matter to students that they are not all(a)owed to use their cell phones while they are in class, they do it anyway. They often send textbook messages to each other and this underside distract them from their education, as wel l as distract the person they are texting, which is likely to be some other student. Many the great unwashed call this the new way of passing notes.Besides that, Another drawback of allowing cell phones is that they bath be used to cheat during quizzes and exams. A student could receive silent text messages from a relay station that has already taken a certain exam during a test. It is obviously that when students use their cell phones at school, it makes rumors spread faster. This is because, everyone has access to a cell phone and when somebody hears a rumor, they send a text message to their friend to tell them about it, and their friend sends a text message to another friend, and so on.Some also think that the fast spreading of rumors makes it more likely that the rumors will worsen as it is being spread, and that the quicker it spreads, the worse it gets. In some reasons, I felt that cell phones do not improve school safety. For example when there is an emergency, cell phone signals become jammed if everyone attempts to contact people at once. This can make it difficult for teachers to contact the authorities. If students do successfully contact their parents, parents may all rush to the scene, which can passage of arms with evacuations or other responses.If students contact their parents, parents will all rush to the scene, which brings conflict or other responses. We are more concerned about the bigger consequences of having a handphone like affable problems such as bully and harrashment via mobile phones. Student tends to misused the mobile phone, by recording flick of students bullying other students. If there are risks involved and you have calculated and you know that the risks wont put on you, why take the risk? Better not to have the risk at all by not giving them a handphone.

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The Influence of Chinese Culture on Buddhism Essay Example for Free

The Influence of Chinese Culture on Buddhism EssayBuddhism was before developed in India and brought to chinaware over the silk road, and later to some extent through southeast Asia somewhat the first century A.D.. This was during a time when the whence reigning Han dynasty was in a state of snake pit and Confucianism was being discredited by some intellectuals. The Chinese people therefore came to identify Confucianism with the failing dynasty, and sought-after(a) a new ideology to take place of stale Confucian thinking. The exact date of the approach shot of Buddhism to China is unknown, but by 64 A. D. Buddhistic monks had introduced written scripture into China.At first Buddhism was not popular in China. Interest took several centuries to grow because of Buddhisms incongruities with Chinese thought, as well as commentary problems (Sanskrit to Chinese). Because Buddhism first entered through Chinas trading routes with Central Asia, it was seen as the religious belief of foreign merchants. Consequently, Large scale displacement reaction of Buddhist texts did not truly get under way until the 6th to 8th centuries A.D. This resulted in the wider diffusion of Buddhism being delayed several centuries.Buddhism was difficult for the Chinese to accept because it was mysterious and hard to understand. Not straight-forward the likes of Confucian teachings, more like the ambiguity of Taoism (Jin 1), also. it was foreign. Moreover, Buddhism did not focus on problems of state as Confucianism did, and because the bailiwick of Confucianism was required material for the exams of public office, practical males preferred its study to that of Buddhism. Moreover, the Buddhist stress on individual(prenominal) fulfillment (even the Buddha left his family to search for revelation (Jin 1)) seemed counterintuitive to the Chinese values of family and ancestor worship.As the religion became more widespread the Chinese people began to adapt distinctly Chinese forms of Buddhism. There were cardinal major types of Chinese Buddhism. The first was Pure Land Buddhism and it was started by Hui Yuan this type of Buddhism focuse on veneration to the Amitabha Buddhain the belief that after death they would be born again in Western promised land (Pure Land). In this religion worship of the Bodhisattva Guan-Yin was also very important (Jin). Chan or Zen Buddhism was founded by Hui-neng. It was inimical toward all scripture and dogma. The Zen Buddhists meditated on illogical riddles in rig to gain enlightenment (Jin). Chih-I founded Tien siamese connection Buddhism whose primary emphasis was placed on the recitation and study of the Lotus Sutra (Jin).To thrive in China, Buddhism had to be transformed into a system that could exist within the Chinese way of life. Thus,obscure Indian sutras that advocated filial piety became core texts in China. Buddhism was made compatible with ancestor worship and participation in Chinas ranked system. Works were writt en arguing that the salvation of an individual was a benefit to that individuals society and family, and monks thus contributed to the great good. (Wikipedia, Buddhism in China)Popular Chinese Buddhism therefore, was mean(a)ly removed from the ideals that came from India. The basic ideas of karmic retribution, samsara, and nirvana came through intact, but in order to make Buddhism more palatable to the Chinese, it had to be adapted to their preexisting beliefs such as those previously mentioned. The portrayal of the bottom(prenominal)world in popular Chinese Buddhism highlights these changes in several ways. The Chinese not solo translated Buddhist texts, but also began to directly associate the Buddhist ideas of the netherworld with those conceptions already popular in China.To begin, the (pre-Buddhist) Chinese believed in the Taoist concept of a world of the dead usually thought to be find beneath Mt. Tai in Shantung (Gjertson 1, 118). However, according to Professor Gjertso n, the idea of hell as a posture for punishment was due to the influence of Buddhism, and was not see in literature until the 6th century, where it is seen in Taoist scriptures. Also in popular Chinese Buddhist works the hells take on the anatomy of the and so current bureaucratic and physical structures of China. Or, as Gjertson in his article entitled Popular Buddhism and Karmic Retribution describes, The nether world, at least superficially, wasconceived as a construct physically and bureaucratically similar to the world of the donjon (Gjertson 134).Often, someones death was likened to a live person being called to serve an office. For example in the story of Tuan Tzu-ching in which one of cardinal inseparable friends, Liang, dies suddenly and when he arrives in the ghost realm he discovers that the positioning of Chief Clerk (a very prestigious position) has become available. Liang immediately suggests his (living) friend Tuan for the position. tycoon Yama, the king of the dead, then looked at Tuans record and discovered that Tuan was not scheduled to die until he was ninety-seven, and he was then fair(a) thirty-two so he allowed Liang to visit his friend and invite him to take this office in the netherworld. Tuan agrees, and three days later he dies in order to take up his new position as Chief Clerk in the netherworld. This story shows a person literally dying in order to gain a bureaucratic appointment.Mentioned in Tale Number 19, Sui Jen-chien, is a description of the physical similarities in the midst of the netherworld and the world of the living. A ghost explains to a man that he serves as administrator of Lin-hu. The man, inquires of the whereabouts of the theater and the name of its king and is told, The state of Lin-hu comprises everything northwest of the Yellow River The capital is northwest of Lou-fan, in the desert. The King used to be King Wu-ling of the Chao, but he now controls this bucolic. Everything is under the administration of Mt. Tai and every month the highest ministers are sent there to attend court (Gjertson 3, 196). Directly referenced here are specialised locations in the netherworld which seem to correspond to the living world. The ghost says, the King used to be King Wu-ling of the Chao, but he now controls this country, this must mean that King Wu-ling controls the corollary land, metaphorically under that of the living country to which it seems they refer.The idea of karma, that a person would be judged by their actions, whether they be morally right or impairment is and idea obviously intrinsic to the Buddhist faith the beliefthat the acts were judged, and the appropriate retribution assigned, in a nether-world court administered by an extensive staff of officials and their assistants is, however, a feature uniquely Chinese (Gjertson 1, 143). In a tale taken from Tang Lins Ming-pao chi for example, a man if brought before a judge of the hellhole and accused of cooking six eggs as well a s killing two ducks and two oxen, for this, the judge decides, he should be punished. The man protests, crying out loudly, This office is being grossly partial (Gjertson 2, 301) The man explains that they have not heard his good deeds, and since the judicial system is indeed a fair one, they are heard, but still his evil deeds outweigh his good, and he is sentenced. This clearly exemplifies the idea of a Chinese judicial system governing the popular Chinese Buddhist workings of karma.In conclusion, the Buddhist religion has proved that it can accommodate in many ways, the Chinese people. Upon its arrival in China it satisfied a need of the people for a new religion under which to unite at the tragic fall of an empire. During this turbulent period in China, two major developments took place in Buddhism. bingle radical consisting mostly of the sophisticated gentry dwelled on the philosophical and mystical aspects of Buddhism, while the other group dominated by rural farmers followed Buddhism in their own superstitious and simple ways imparting to it in the process a peculiar Chinese character.Buddhism stretched even more to allow for translation using Taoist terminology because the Chinese language did not possess a conceptual apparatus adequate for the come up thought of Buddhism. The use of these familiar Taoist concepts contributed significantly to the spread of Buddhism in China. Buddhist teaching were changed in many ways to accommodate traditional Chinese sensibilities, but the religion changed China as well, departure in its wake years of rich culture and traditional Buddhist writings that no yearlong exist in their original Indian form.Works Cited(1) Gjertson, Donald. Popular Buddhism and Karmic Retribution. Also Sui Jen-chien, Kung Ko, and Chang Fa-i. From Miraculous Retribution A Study and Translation of Tang Lins Ming-pao chi, Berkeley University ofCalifornia Berkeley, Berkeley Buddhist Study Series Volume 8, 1989.(2) Gjertson, Donald. The Early Chinese Buddhist Miracle Tale A Preliminary Survey, in The Journal of the American Oriental Society 101.3, 1981.Jin, Shunde. Buddhism In China. (handout for Chinese 231 Traditional Chinese Culture, Ohio State University, 1998). http//www.cohums.ohio-state.edu/deall/jin.3/c231/handouts/h10.htmWikipedia. Buddhism in China. Local Interpretation of Indian Texts. Updated 3/31/2004. http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_in_ChinaRelation_to_Confucianism_and_Daoism

Re-offender puts lives at risk Essay Example for Free

Re-offender puts lives at encounter EssayEx-convict Mr. Jones was held in custody yesterday for the bribery of 2 local children, cocksucker and Jill Bramcote. The pair of children aged no less than 12 were bribed with a pack of sweets to climb up the green heapock formally known as the death restrict to collect a pale of water. The 2 children unaware of the great danger accepted the offer to because risk their lives.Whilst on their voyage up the death trap to the everyplacedue well Jack passed forbidden from exhaustion and dehydration, falling 40 meters to the ground. Unfortunately Jill came plummeting after trying to save her be-loved brother.When questioned all Mr Jones had to say was, preposterous naive kids But of cause we all no Mr. Jones is very used to the you mother a mature to remain silent, anything you do say may be held against you in court concept as this isnt his prototypical time in trouble with the police now is it Mr Jones? Mr Jones is due to be in court abutting week for a number of charges, one of which aiding and betting.Haunted HappeningsTwo local 9 year antiquated children Jack and Jill Morris were found in a critical state at the merchantman of the green hill on Saturday evening. Its thought that the 2 children were planning on climbing the hill to switch off their belief that the derelict well is not haunted and is not the home of bloody Mary. A girl from the childrens school explains the myths,well for generations mickle that have lived in the village of Nottingham have known that the well at the top of the green hill is haunted and that it is the home of the bloody Mary, a vicious women, who can poses anyone with evil spirits, and marks all victims with a Greek symbolTrails found on the green hill have been identified as Jack and Jills, the trails were found going up the hill, but none were found coming strike down it, there is no evidence that Jack and Jill ever came down the hill, yet they twain ended up at the bottom of it. Doctors have stated that the cause of the pairs injury was not due to a trip or a fall. Symbols forensics found on the wall of the well have also been found on Jack and Jill on their left shoulder. After an intense 2 days historians reported that the symbol means let the excommunicate be upon the persons whom are marked and that it is Greek terminology.Both children are in intensive care and have not yet awoken. Police hope to question the pair when they regain consciousness and have verbalise that until then they cannot comment on the evidence until done so. The green hill and well have both been cordoned off until more evidence has been gathered on the happenings of the 22nd January.Killer constructionOn Tuesday twenty-third October 2008 police found 2 children in a critical state at the bottom of a hill in Nottingham. Its believed that the children (not named for security reasons) were roaming the town in their holidays and decided to get a drink from a well p ositioned on the summit of the hill. Prints have been found on the well matching the childrens and so prove they got to the well, but after having a drink the pair had a water fight and in harebrained running, rushing, ducking and diving the eldest out of the two came stumbling down the hill after falling all over a piece of timber. All alone the younger sibling was left commencementled and shocked, and came running down after her brother only to fall over a scaffolding pole left place after construction work.The pair was airlifted to the nearest hospital and received urgent medical care. Police look into found the construction company, Gilford Try to blame due to the state the company left the hill in after aborting a major plan to build a mega-home on the land. The company should by faithfulness put up signs, posters and gates with warning and danger written in bold that can be clearly seen, however the company didnt have any signs or anything to indicate danger. Seen as the company failed to keep company the rules, they have been fined 300,000.The mother of the children gave us her view, I think its pathetic, a big company like that would risk lives and their reputation just because they cant be bothered to put up a few signs in that respect is no excuse for putting someones life at risk and thats just what they did to both of my children putting them done a lot of pain and suffering. It seems they left behind a death trap only to start building another one Susan Miles the mother of the children have begun the process of suing the company and will have a minimum settlement of 400,000.Step up or fall downOn Monday of last week celebrities Jack Johnson and Jill Hepp were both emitted to hospital with several broken bones after a terrible diagonal filming choreography for their upcoming movie step up two, the streets.Jack was said to have tripped over whilst lifting Jill, sending the pair flying down the Hollywood hill. First aiders on standby immedi ately tough the stars while waiting for a helicopter to airlift them both to the nearest private hospital. In a statement the producers of step up two, the streets announced that the films launch date has been postponed until November.

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Grocery Retail Market Analysis Essay Example for Free

grocery Retail Market Analysis Essay market sell in the US is a real mature, saturated market. Consumers will, however always need to buy food. The industry is generally a high wad/low margin market, which is made up of over 65,000 supermarkets, hypermarkets, and grocery stores combining for annual revenues of about $938 billion. The essential of effective supply chain management, keeping costs low, has resulted in an extreme concentration of the market, where the top 20 competitors generate over 67% of the industry annual revenue.Wal-Mart, which is considered to be a hypermarket, leads in grocery retailing with 225. 12 billion sales resulting in 24% appreciate sh be during 2010. The second and third principal grocery retailers in the US are Kroger and Supervalu with 76.7 billion (7%) and 40.8 billion (4%) 2010 sales (value shares), respectively. (GMID Global Market knowledge Database)The industry is made up of four types of channels, consisting of supermarkets, hypermar kets, discounters, and convenience stores. Supermarkets are the largest channel and continue to appeal to shoppers because of the proximity to their homes and workplaces. Hypermarkets, which include Wal-Mart, are predicted to be the fastest growing channel and although are often less at rest for consumers than other grocery outlets, many believe it is worth the trip to save some money and are willing to cause a bit further to visit hypermarkets. Discounters offer a low-cost cream for consumers by streamlining many operations. Finally, Convenience stores are known for quick shopping trips, but consumers typically do not think of convenience stores as a place to stock up on groceries.Grocery retailing as a whole grew by 2% in 2010, however the discounters experienced the strongest step-up of 6%. Retailers in the discounters channel generally hold smaller inventories and tend to carry only a single brand of each item to keep costs low. The uncharacteristically strong growth in 201 0 was due in large part to the expansion of Aldi throughout the US. After seeing considerable winner in 2009, Aldi decided to expand its presence in the US and reported 68 billion in 2010 sales (Hoovers).Along with the growth in 2010, the number of grocery outlets declined by 1% in the US. During this year the consumer purchasing habits changed, resulting in shoppers making more trips to the grocery store each week and spending around more. Shoppers are spending 1.5 percent more weekly on groceries, bring the average to $99.90, but are spending less at their primary grocery store. At these stores the share of total grocery dollars spend fell to 75.4 percent in 2010 from 76.6 percent in 2009 according to the 2010 US Grocery Shopper Trends report by the Food Marketing Institute.The busy and fully scheduled American lifestyle leaves consumers constantly seeking satisfied shopping solutions, and grocery retailing is no exception. However, with the recession in 2009, consumers focuse d more on value and price than on convenience. Consumers have become more willing to go out of their way to drive to and find venues that offer lower prices. This has resulted in intense price-based rivalry from mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs.In 2010, competition intensified across channels within the grocery retailing sector. As hypermarkets and discounters took share away from supermarkets in 2009, many supermarkets reacted by opening new formats or lowering prices in 2010 to win back consumers. several(prenominal) national supermarket chains discounted prices and expanded their private label offerings. Coupon use also grew significantly in 2009 and 2010, as consumers became more comfortable looking for and using coupons (GMID Global Market Information Database).Additionally, the channel sack caused by the economic downturn caused many new trends to help lure customers back and retain faithful customers. Many supermarkets are offering greater incentives through loyalty cards, while others are expanding product selections and nidus on the growing Hispanic population in the US. Primarily supermarkets have begun employing dieticians to be on-site in stores focusing on health and wellness. Consumers can ask dieticians questions about specific conditions and help find the right on products. Another factor that will greatly affect this channel is the growth of grocery delivery in the US. Peapod currently operates in several markets, as does Safeway. Sears and Meijer both announced plans to test grocery delivery in certain cities, while Publix is testing curb-side pick-up.

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Was Louis Riel Guilty Of Treason

Was Louis Riel Guilty Of TreasonI believe that Louis Riel is blameful of treason. Riel, Louis Riel has been c wholeed legion(predicate) names, he has been called a Prophet, a States earthly concern, a scoundrel, a hero, a madman, a visionary, a hero, nevertheless Louis Riel is shell described a traitor, he has betrayed Canada in m each demeanors. If passed, Bill C-417 will reverse Riels conviction for mettlesome treason. Riel ordered a man named doubting Thomas Scott to be killed and organized a rebellion that caused the loss of haemorrhoid of digests, in order to become a territorial leader. Indeed Riel spent almost of his adult action in Canada, the United States, seeking political intrigue. Eventually he was executed for his many aversions and the endless hullabaloo he caused with the Canadian governance. That sentence may appear harsh today, but it was no harsher than Scotts execution or the dozens lost in the Riel rebellion life itself was hard then. The punishmen t was meted come out of the closet accordingly, and believed to be genuinely fair at the time. Even though Louis Riel did non want Bloodshed and stayed away from rebelling against the governing body for most of his adult life he did non keep it that way so Louis Riel is indeed still criminal of treason. This is true because Louis Riel started rebellions, and was responsible for levying fight against the Canadian government which is treason. Louis Riel also fled to the U.S and conspired with the president to start war with the government which is also treason. Louis Riel is guilty in many ways of treason.Riel did not touch a gun and did not kill any hotshot but he is responsible for the dozens of lives lost in the Riel rebellion and for the execution of Thomas Scott. After all did he not court Marshall Scott and from his masss vote, 2 only 2 of the seven could do what Riel could not, only 2 of Riels raft had the courage to raise their hands, and denounce the Scott executio n cold daub murder. Scott wasnt guilty of treason for two reasons one, he had no government to be treasonous against, and never in the nefarious code does it say do not be racist to your government. It does say pulp an tendency to start war with the government, or use pull up to overthrow the government, Scott was innocent and Riel should scram kn give birth it, and it is not the killing of Thomas Scott which made Riel guilty it is what that lead to which was rebellions, a doubtful government, and many other acts of the criminal offense treason.Save our coun attack from this wicked government by taking arms if necessary Louis Riel.According to the criminal code of Canada paragraph 46 section 1 a through 2c treason is someone who a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province. The North westerly Rebellion is a perfect example of this, Riel formed a doubtful government at Batoche in order to tweet concessions from Ottawa by force, if necessary does this sound like a man who cares for his government, or a man that will use his government to get what he wants. One week later, the Mtis clashed with the North-West attach Police on Beardys Reserve near Duck Lake, by this attack from the Metis people led by none other than Louis Riel, and in section 46 2b on the criminal code of Canada it says levies war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto- by acting and rebelling though it was only few Mounties it is still depart of the Canadian government, and by deity it was the real first step on Louis passageway of rebellion on the Canadian government, so by rebelling they are levying some sort of war on Canada which is a form of treason, isnt it. Riel decided to make his stand at Batoche, a strategy that ultimately sealed the fate of the Mtis and lost any chance of prolonging the conflict- the stand Louis riel is taking a stand to overthrow the Canadian government therefore committing treason, and h e is in every way guilty of treason. The North-West Field Force, momentarily astonied by an ambush at Fish Creek in late April 1885, swooped d consumeed on Batoche on whitethorn 9 and easily overran the defenders triple days later. The next six weeks were largely anticlimactic, as Indian leading and their followers who had been implicated in the troubles surrendered to Canadian authorities. another section says that You shall not start (Riel was the leader so he started it) or assist armed forces (Metis using Nails, Stones Sticks, cannons guns) against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities (Riel + Metis), whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are. The Metis and Riel are doing this they are starting war, and convert others to join which is also an act of treason so Time travelling back to the Riel era and undo Riels hanging through simple historical revisionism implies that someone else should pay the price for killing r iel, now innocent. In other words, it calls our entire justice system into question, and too be fair and just, if you pardon Riel you must pardon, everyone else who has been aerated with treason, and take a look at them, and by doing this it is implying we can get away with rebelling against our government, in the way Riel did.Maybe at first Louis Riels Provisional Government was used to protect the Metis and maybe because the term provisional means temporary and it was only used so the Metis could negotiate with the Canadian government to become a part of Canada but it was later an excuse to rebel against the Canadian government. At a meeting at heart of a church in Batoche after a priestwhich had told the Metis people Riel that I refuse to shit the sacrament to anyone who participates in a rebellion against the Canadian government Riels reaction was assaulting the priest and holding a meeting, at that very meeting Riel uttered this quote I propose we set up a provisional govern ment and take up arms to defend our secure to do so By saying this Riel is saying that hell use his government which was legal and use it to commit illegal crime treason by taking up arms and fighting for their rights and possibly overthrow three governments, and all three of those points are against the Canadian criminal code. So after this meeting occurred it was all downhill and became from pure to harmful and treason. So by saying this is levying war against Canada and conspiring with the Metis to take up arms against the Canadian government, which both(prenominal) are Treason.Bill C-417 should not be passed because Mr. Riel does not deserve a second chance to live and be a hero, he was given chances and he blew them. Throughout his life Riel had formed a provisional government, started many rebellions, killed innocent men, and had fled to the U.S. When he murdered Thomas Scott, he was in trouble and he through with(p) wrong and he knew it, and he wasnt ready to be accountab le for his actions so he fled to the U.S, if he knew it was the right thing to do and felt accountable for his actions he would have stayed in Canada and fought for his cause. Does this sound like a strong leader? Is this a leader who would stand up and never abandon his people? No it sounds like a traitor to his government and his people, only a guilty man would leave his own country and have the nerve to come back start rebellions, and run for a spot in parliament. The main reason why people think he is a hero is because he fought for the rights of his people and stand up for them, and by fleeing his people he did not stand up for them but he sat down.Yes throughout Riels earlier years he tried to avoid bloodshed and he did, he avoided fighting against the government, for a long time Riel had avoided killing anyone to avoid bloodshed but later in his life he started a rebellion with a man named Gabriel Dumont who was for bloodshed, and Dumont had been accountable for many Canadia n finales but lets not forget Dumonts leader and the one who organized the rebellions Riel. Louis Riel was one hundred per cent responsible for Dumont and his actions therefore responsible for the blood shed he caused. Riel shouldve known Dumont was the man who wouldnt hesitate at chance to scrap or capture, a mortal who was part of the Canadian Government I mean in a football game isnt it the quarterbacks job to call the plays and lead his team, so in the football game of The Metis vs. the Canadian Government Riel was the Quarter back and therefore responsible for the work of his defending team man Dumont. Riel was there when Dumont was talk about ambushes, guerrilla style tactics, etc. Riel knew what Dumont wanted and went along with it, so Dumonts Bloodshed is also Louis bloodshed. I mean Riel couldve stopped him, yet when Riel sent him over to Mitchells store near Duck Lake to raid it, Gabriel couldnt abide starting bout Mr. Riel knew Dumont was a violent man, toward the Canadian Government but still Riel sent Dumont out to a place near, where Mounties were located. By not giving Dumont his follower instructions not to start battle Riel is responsible for Dumonts Bloodshed and his treasonous acts against the Canadian Government, and by being responsible for others treason he is guilty of his own treason.We intend to fight for our freedom as a separate state from CanadaIn 1875 Mr. Riel was expelled from Canada for 5 years to the U.S and in these 5 years without the authorization of the Canadian government Riel went to acting U.S president Ulysses S. deal out to ask for money and protection. According to the criminal code of Canada without practice of lawful authority can a person conspire with another person or ought to do something for a purpose prejudicial to the safety and defense of Canada. By going to Ulysses S. Grant Riel and asking him for money and protection he is preforming a treasonous act. At this same meeting Riel also says that I am convinced that I could raise a forces force sufficient enough to compel the Canadian government to reconsider its relationship with the North West by saying this he is discussing his plan to raise a military force and levy war against Canada which is also part of treason. So by fleeing Canada to go to the President and discussing Riels plan to attack the Canadian government is treason in to ways, and then acting on these plans in the North West resistance is completely treasonous.How could an insane person lead 700 people into a rebellion unless they were all insane?Louis may have been a traitor and a scoundrel but one thing that is true is he is very honest. At his trial Louis was a truthful man and would not plead insane because he was fancyful as well. In fact President John A. Macdonald said because there was doubt about Riels sanity, I delayed the execution until November 16th and had him examined by three doctors. They all agreed that hes not crazy. Three doctors examined o ne man, he was said to be diagnosed with megalomania, and megalomania is Delusional belief of superiority, Delusions of greatness, Delusions about ones own power Delusions about ones own importance. Louis Riel envisioned himself as a prophet, according to the dictionary a prophet is a man who speaks for god or a deity, or by divine inspiration or a person who practices divination. Riel adage himself as a prophet of God not a person that is superior, great or is any more important than anybody else on Gods green earth. So not one, not two but the three doctors are right, Riel in no way has any symptoms of megalomania he does not see himself as great. Louis could not be insane anyway, instead of staying nice and safe in Montana, Riel gave up his safety for the Metis. During his trial, Riels lawyer thought the only way to get Riel out of this mess was for him to plead insanity, it was his lawyers decision to make him insane, he himself shrewd he would be executed, Riel still did not a gree, only a proud sane man would drop dead to say he was just a sane leader. Riel is right how could an insane person lead 700 people into a rebellion unless they were all insane? If Louis Riel had not been apparently diagnosed with the single diagnosis of megalomania According to http//mwolk.com/ web log/definition-of-insanity/ in general an insane person is a person who is not at all horrified of doing anything which might lead to drastic problems for him/her in the future, near the beginning of the Riel eraRiel had asked his men to stop the bloodshed and be loyal to the Queen, so even though he started rebellions and broke many laws mostly TREASON, Riel did try to avoid things that would be dreadful to himself and the Metis. So Riel was not insane and therefore was right to be penalise for the treason he caused in the rebellions, and the turmoil he gave to the government.Riel didnt Father Confederation he fought those who did. In similarity with the constructive minds of his generation, Riel was an anomaly. Since he was certainly not a hero to everyone, in no case should we call back his misdeeds by erecting a statue of him on Parliament Hill. That would be an insult to the memory of the soldiers who fought and died fighting Riels force and defending the cherished rights we associate with that same Parliament Hill. No person advocating or engaging in armed rebellion against Canadas democratic processes should be so honoured. To do so would be to elevate anarchy and civil disobedience to statesmanship. In short, Riel did not have the full support of his people, let alone Ruperts trim back that he needed to create his own territory. Instead, he used arms and force, those ancient non-democratic methods, resulting in death and terror. He was accordingly confronted by force for his crimes, lost and hung. So by revising History, you are not condemning Louis Riel you are condemning Canada, he fought against those who made Canada, and for that alone, for b eing a bump on the road of what Canada is today, Louis Riel Deserved the death of hangings and more, in the end Louis Riel broke every part of the Criminal Code section Treason and high treasonvexcept for causing bodily harm to her Majesty. In final closedown to make Louis Riel innocent is making our government guilty and they did not break any single law in Riels lifetime so Riel is indeed guilty of treason.