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Psychology Prediction Essay

According to one of my favorite philosophers, Yogi Berra, Its hard to predict, especially the future. Hes right merely it doesnt stop m either mickle from trying. In fact predicting the future is essential to many aspects of our lives in business, and beyond. some professionals have the need to accurately predict outcomes of the future to be made in their jobs. And many have occupations where predicting the future actually is their job, one die hard or another. As an analyst at Gartner, I am of course a right(a) example of this. few of this is common sense. Some is controversial. Some goes completely against what most think and against what people are taught even at organizations who train people to do predictive type jobs. But it full treatment for me.Here are my ten guiding principles for accurate prediction1.Care close being right. This sounds obvious but circumstances and other requirements often keep up in the way. Professionals whose job involves making predictions f ace pres certainlys to have an whimsy, no look what, and to generate visibility. This can lead to quickly formed opinions and overstating and over hyping things. spell these things may in fact need to be part of a strategy, they do not have to be the primary goal. Tempering such(prenominal) behavior by placing the goal of being right at a higher priority is one of the real keys to accurate prediction. You cant be afraid to be pervert, but you cant station being right at lower priority and expect to be good at predicting.2.Be an innumerate. Be extremely skeptical of any numbers. Many believe that numbers dont lie. They dont of course, but people do. And they state the numbers that they want to state to polish off their case. And they get things confused. Numbers are to a greater extent useful in looking for back at tarradiddle than in predicting (looking back at history is helpful and numbers can help). Be especially wary of suss out data. Often the questions are poorly form ed and the respondents not necessarily knowledgeable. in that respect is no substitute for talking directly to people to make sure that you understand context and that they understand the question. And follow-up is possible.3.Ask yourself Why are they carnal knowledge me this? Understand the motivations of rises of tuition. E preciseone you meet has some type of agenda. Sometimes it is truly to inculcate you, usually not. It is critical to understand what the line of information wants you to think to vex the information into context.4.Ask yourself What would I do? effectuate yourself in the shoes of the chief executive officer or key decision maker of the entity if possible. This is a key tool to predicting how companies and organizations will behave. If the prediction is about that company, this is the major key. If it is more general, putting yourself in the shoes of multiples and playing out scenarios is helpful.5.Recognize that most of the time, you will know less(pren ominal) than your sources. The world is full of specialists. Depending on circumstance, you may know as much(prenominal) as your sources but there is almost always someone who is more of an expert than you. So you need to develop strategies for assessing the credibility and honesty of a source. A useful tactic is to lead a discussion towards an res publica in which you do know a lot and test the sources honesty and credibility. This can help determine what weight to cook the source6.Dont jump to conclusions. Whenever possible take your time. When pushed for an opinion, it is best to give tongue to if I had to have an opinion I would lean towards x, but not highlight these types of things as predictions.7.Find bubbles, conventional thinking and poke at assumptions. Try to understand why most people have a certain belief and figure out what assumptions they have. Look for misunderstandings, confusion, motivations and social trends.8.Get information youre not supposed to have. Basic networking is essential to knowing your affair field and to getting information youre not supposed to have (Obviously those subject to insider trading types of issues need to tread carefully here). Listen for slip ups. Put the pieces together. Fill in the holes. Speculate.9.Youre only paranoid if youre wrong. Explore conspiracy theories. While they usually wont be the prediction, the exercise of examining possible conspiracy theories often is fruitful. Remember At the very least there is bound to be some aspect of the possibleness that has some truth to it and may point the way towards a good prediction. However, it is far more likely that stupidity or laziness, rather than conspiracy, is the cause.10.Constantly test, corroborate and refine. Every chance you get to talk to a person whose opinion you respect, test new theories. Every chance you talk to a source of information, test your theories and gauge their reactions. Be open to tweaks.

Designing a Rewards System Essay

When designing a rewards dust at bottom an organization in that location argon several factors. First, bear at the organization and counsel on what matters most for that particular organization. Then digest in on the employees and what needs they have in particular. After gaolbreak down the focus, you dejection move forward into creating a rewards dodging that non only fits but in any case eitherone benefits from. Reward man proceed on withment is concerned with the strategies, policies and processes postulate to en accredited that the value of people and the contribution they arrest to achieving organizational, departmental and squad goals is recognized and rewarded.It is about the design, implementation and maintenance of reward trunks (interrelated reward processes, practices and procedures) that occupy to satisfy the needs of both the organization and its stakeholders and to operate fairly, equitably and unvaryingly. (Armstrong, 2010) come across at the org anization. What does the organization promote or goals it is springing toward? Next, make sure the needs of the organization be being met. Currently, many organisations are implementing or planning to implement, reward and/or recognition programmes believing that these impart serve bring about the desired cultural change.In some organisations, double amounts of money are being invested in these types of activities and some man maturaters are infallible specifically to set aside a certain amount from their budgets for this purpose. (Milne, 2007) If they are not met focus on creating a rewards system to include clashing the goals that at the moment are not being satisfied. Now to look at the employees and what they need. What leave behind motivate them to perform better pass away? What is the age range at bottom the organization so we can focus on what go forth better serve that population?After looking into the age check their work progress and see where there needs to be more and focus on panorama up goals to get that domain where it needs to be. Recognizing employees for a chore well done isnt emaciated or magnanimous. Its necessary. (Zemke, 1988) There was a study done with intravenous feeding groups that answered a questionnaire with twenty-five factors as to what would motivate them to work delicate on their job. From the quadruple groups only nine of the twenty-five factors were selected. The nine factors that were selected by these four groups are 1. Respect for me as a psyche . Good requital 3. Chance to turn out quality work 4. Chance for forward motion 5. Opportunity to do interesting work 6. Feeling my job is central 7. Being told by my boss when I do a corking job 8. Opportunity for self-development and improvement 9. Large amount of freedom on the job (Kettner, 2002) All nine of these focus on how to build up the confidence of the employee and allowing them to admit how well they are doing. Treating the employee like a per son and not a machine is very important because it smashs the employee a popular opinion of self and knowing its ok to be who you are as a person.This makes them comfortable to be there on the job. Providing good ay is besides very important because it shows the employee that you care and are rewarding them for their hard work while on the job. It also ordain make the employee want to pillow with the organization because they do not need to go elsewhere. Giving the employee a chance to do the best quality work for the organization will give them a sense of pride in their job. If the employee knows that, there is a chance for them to be promoted through the organization they will work hard to be considered for promotion.Being able to do interesting work will keep the employee coming back because they are able to do contrasting things which makes the job more interesting because they are not consistently playing the exact same job daily which will also make them feel that their job is important. Everyone loves being told good job So as a boss, make sure you are informing your employees how well they are doing. Offer to the employee ways they can grow as people whether it is discipline or exercise. Giving them the opportunity for more development or vertical some improvement, they will be appreciative.Giving the employees freedom makes them more case-by-case and lets them know that the organization trusts them to perform their job the way it is supposed to be done without someone standing over them constantly. After gathering this information, we can move forward with creating our own rewards system. First, we would create a chart video display the work and the progress being made. Then with that chart, fillips can be created for the employees to get to top of the list by making the most progress. In addition, incentives will be created for those that make the lowest amount of mistakes while performing their job function.This gives the employees some freedom to work hard on getting their proceeding up. Incentives will be in place for attention also. Competitive reconcile will be based off mathematical process and attendance. The better your performance is the better bonus and pay raise you will get. Your attendance will also affect your bonuses and pay raises. Keep your attendance up and consistent and you will be able to gain better pay bonuses. With bettering attendance and performance there will be opportunities for growth within the organization. The showtime pay will be marginally based on recognize and education.It will be fair and equitable to every employee. After setting up the chart with performance and attendance based incentives we can focus on creating a fair and free workplace for the employees. Set up the management center so they are accessible to the employees for guidance. The management system will also be in place for overviewing the employees from a remoteness without taking away from the employees ab ility to work as an individual. The management system will also be able to delegate tasks out to the employees that are performing at a faster or more impelling rate.This will also allow the employees to be treated as individuals and not as a singular group. Next we would set up a system for growth and development that would include furthering your education and health needs. We work to offer patron and assistance to other now we need to help and assist our employees. For education we will offer education breaks where you will be reimbursed for half of the amount spent on your college courses and supplies. This will allow the employee to get in school without fear of inability to pay. The stipulation will be that we will only reimburse as long as the course interpreted he employee completes and passes the course. The employee will be required to submit the final stigmatize for the class and the receipt for the payment of the course and the supplies needed for the course. Next th ere will be a lyceum facility placed within the workplace that is available for the employees use ahead and after work and also during lunch or breaks. With offering the employee open use of a gym without having to pay will give them the help of not spending a lot of money on a gym membership that they whitethorn not be able to use regularly.It will also give them flexibility to use the gym whenever they want to without fear of it closing before they can get there to workout. With this rewards system in place every aspect of the employee and organizational needs are being met. The organization is racecourse efficiently and effectively with each employee working hard to reach the incentive goals. The employees are working in an environment where they are comfortable and know they have every option available to them with movement and growth within the organization.

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Data communications and neetworks Essay

What is emblemling? Signalling is a term utilize for the engross of education universe transmitted or carried across a metier for prototype in a electronic network this could be a cat 5 cable. There has to be a modality similarly for the receiver to interpret the selective information being sent and this is controlled by whats called convert however the word modulation also means the say(prenominal) thing. The signal that is sent it modified in a way for it to stand for entropy. There atomic number 18 different types of transmittal modes which differ from what type of average you be using for example cables or wireless thither are four which are listed below 1.Electrical uses your cables to transport data betwixt nodes 2. Radio Waves this would be your wireless networks and could also include Bluetooth devices. 3. Light this would use fibre optic cabling to send high speeds of data 4. Microwave additive & Digital Signalling There are two different types o f signalling and these can be done in Analogue which means it changes all time in both bounty and relative frequency. For example an line of latitude measure which has its hands pitiable all the time is changing the time all the time. Whereas with digital signalling which are representations of discrete time signals.For example a digital clock shows the minutes and not the seconds. When the data is being sent over a network when communicating, the information can travel in two forms, these are analogue and digital. The difference between the two is simple that analogue signalling never delivers, and the information is being sent continuously, a in effect(p) example of this signalling is measure. An analogue clock will never verification, as the second hand is always ticking, thereof one can record an accu site rendering of the time to the second, or rase millisecond. For example, 1 hour 15 minutes and 24 seconds. position this to digital signalling where one can not get an accurate reading of a clock as it will only show the minutes. And thereof is not continuous. This is because the data is consisting of separate states, which are on or off. sine Wave This type of wave has two properties a Amplitude & Frequency, the amplitude represents the strength of the signal which would be the volume of a sound for example somebody talking. If the amplitude is stronger than it will travel further. The frequency of a sinning Wave is the rise and fall of the wave from the zero point to the top and indeed back to the zero this is cognize as a cycle and is measured in Hz.The higher frequency the more cycles and therefore the lower the frequency the lower the cycles. Analogue The image below shows the analogue type of signalling its constantly changing and represents all the grades in the wave range, there is always a value in between a value and another. http//moodle. derby-college. ac. uk/mod/resource/view. php? id=2346 Digital With digital signalling there are no in betweens like there in analogue its simply every 1 or 0, digital represents separate states and the change between these are practically unnoticeable. http//moodle. uk/mod/resource/view. php? id=2346 Asynchronous transmission system Asynchronous transmission is when signals are not sent at regular intervals. A good example of this would be a user using a keyboard attached to a computer. The characters are sent irregularly however the billets must(prenominal) be sent at cognise intervals. This is done by having accurate clocks at both ends of the link. The receiving clock starts when it receives the first bit from the transmitter, this is also known as the start bit. The receiver then expects to receive a known number of bits every tick of the clock.When it has received these bits the clock may stop the last bit is known as the stop bit. Synchronous Transmission However when large volumes of data are to be transferred, the waste of the stop and stop bits with every character means that asynchronous transmission is not an efficient method. With high-speed devices, and buffered low-speed devices, data can be transmitted in large, timed, synchronous blocks. The clocks, in the receiver and transmitter, are kept synchronised by sending regular groups of special characters called SYN characters.Each time one of these groups is detected the receiver re-sets its clock, the data apart from this, its transmitted in provided the same way as for asynchronous transmission. We can visualise the data as follows Bit Synchronisation In a digital signal, as well as on occasion, an analogue one, all the different devices must know how often the signal varies along the transmission medium. For example, if the speed of the changes goes alacritous then the rate at which the device checks for changes, there will be a few of the bits missed between samples.If then sampling rate goes faster then the rate at which the transmission goes, the sam e bit will be used for a different sample a second time. To combat this fact, the devices are made to a universal beat so that they can work together in harmony, and there are set systems in place to allow the data to be transferred correctly. A lot of the current technologies use asynchronous serial transmission. This transmission method is used when data is not sent at regular intervals, but the bits themselves have to be sent with regularity, some examples of these are keyboard, mice or even modems.During the spans of time that no signal is sent, the line or other medium is in what is called an idle state. This is defined by the constant 1 signal being sent. One there is a packet of data that ask to be sent, for example, a key on the keyboard is pressed, the receiver first gets a start bit, a 0 state instead of a 1 to define the beginning of a piece of data now being sent to the receiver, it is then sampled and at the end of the data transmission, the signal returns to the mas ter key constant 1 state. convert Methods Encoding simply means that the information is converted from one format to another format.This is a process that the data needs to have done to it before the computer can watch it and process it. There are different types of convert which are Manchester Encoding is a data communications line code which provides a way of encoding binary data sequences. Each bit is related to by at least one voltage level transition. Manchester encoding is said to be self clocking this means that synchronisation of a data stream is possible. Huffman Encoding is another algorithm used for data condensing the coding uses a specific method for choosing the representation for each symbol.unipolar Encoding This type of encoding has 2 voltage states, one of these states is zero and because of this its also know as Return to Zero (RTZ) Unipolar encoding is used in computers & logic and an example of where its used in computers is the TTL logic. glacial Encoding P olar encoding is when the digital encoding is on a level with zero volts for example the RS232 standard interface uses Polar encoding and unlike Unipolar the value doesnt return to zero, its either a positive or negative voltage. With polar encoding it reduces most of the residual DC problem.

Going Green in Hospitality

Hospitality Studies Report tone ending GREEN IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Word count 1328 ? mental institution3 Benefits3 argon there actually disadvantage of staying the aforementioned(prenominal)? 3 The definite advantages of ever-changing3 What hoi polloi think4 Are there side effects? 4 Knowledge aquired4 Financial5 Conclusion5 Bibliography6 ? Introduction The effects of worldwide calefacient continue generating intense debate among businesses that study it as a study(ip) threat to their operations.In this regard the planetary conjunction is seek partnerships with governments and some other stakeholders to formulate policy guidelines that leave behind act as actor of ensuring that they adopt yard technology in their operations to look to this threat. failure to do this go forth result to irreversible decline in profits, deterioration of peoples health through emergence of killer whale diseases like skin cancer and closure of businesses. Benefits The cordial re ception constancy has not been left out in adopting atomic number 19 technologies in their operations to mark off they slay this global phenomenon.In doing this they affirm realized the immense benefits that come with the green technology in almost all aras of their industry. The recitation of renewable strength like solar nix, horn in power and bio fuels digests the energy be incurred in the hospitality industry a great deal. Due to their nature of operations they admit power throughout when preparing food, entertaining guests and also when cleaning. This because means they incur huge electricity bills through out and this can be reduced by the adaptation of green technology.Installation of solar panels or wind power can reduce these expenses in a great commission and this can increase their profits and enable dedicatement in other projects like expansion. Are there actually disadvantage of staying the same? The use of green technology reduces the pollution of the en virons. The damage that is usually done to the environment when hotels use petroleum products is very catastrophic. They use the product on vast quantities especially in cooking.Diesel products for instance emit a lot of hydrocarbons into the manner that bring on global warming, which is known to hamper marine life and project some species of the marine bio diversity extinct. This affects the product range available for scissure to their clients. They also poison most fish species which make them unfit for clement consumption. These diesel emissions atomic number 18 also known to be carcinogenic and cause a lot of cancer related ailments that pose a very great danger to the workers in the industry and to the whole world at large.However all this can be avoided if the industry adopts green technology. There are no side effects of using green energy since they are environmentally friendly and they use ecologically friendly resources. The definite advantages of changing The i ndustry has also come a dwell to the fact that ecotourism is a major attraction to many people who want to conserve the world we live in. (Hotelinteractive. com. 2008) People appreciate and value those entangled in environmental preservation and most like existence associated with them.Many organizations and governments prefer holding their meetings and conferences in venues that are accredited by environmental conservation agencies as compliant to ready green standards. The hospitality industry being a major fraud in this field does not want to be left behind. This is because those who come after and champion these interests pull up stakes attract wide clientele and this will be a major boost to their businesses. Many players in the industry squander sought to comply with the set standards to ensure they remain competitive in the industry.The industry has therefore invested heavily in imparting the required noesis and skills to its staff and other stakeholders to ensure bes t practices. They are then seeking certification from recognized regulatory institutions that also continuously monitor their get ahead through regular visits and checks. What people think The adoption of green technology by the hospitality industry improves the public image and the perceptions that people have towards the industry. Going green is no longer a request, but kind of a demand. ( Nowpublic. com. 008) The world today is doing everything to combat global warming which is seen as a major threat to future earnings of almost each sector in the global economy. This will also attract a lot of customers to those who will be seen to be compliant. The hospitality industry is therefore viewed as one of the environmentally sensitive industries and this places it strategically on the global arena of attaining sustainable development. Are there side effects? The players in the hospitality industry must embrace the use of renewable sources of energy like wind power and solar energy. Such shewations will ensure stripped environmental pollution and also availability throughout. This is because the sources such as cheerfulness and wind are naturally available and apart from installation costs and routine maintenance there are no other major associated costs. The electricity bills and the costs of running stand-by generators will be done outdoor(a) with and profits will increase both in the short and in the long run. Knowledge aquired The industry players should also minimize the amount of wastes that is usually dumped. This can be done through recycling most of these wastes.For face , a hotel can recycle waste paper into scratch pads, the cartridges utilise by printers and fax machines can be refilled when empty instead of being dumped, they can also install soap and shampoo dispensers in their facilities to reduce the waste from small plastic bottles, they can also replace noxious and hazardous cleaning agents with good friendlier biodegradable cleaners, t hey can also gift reusable dishes and other cutlery to charities instead of dumping and also they should install recyclable bins in all areas for collection of waste cans and plastics.When these measures are undertaken, the industry will enjoy the enormous benefits associated with the green technology. The industry players should also invest heavily in the provision of skills and knowledge to the stakeholders who must be involved in the attainment of desired objectives. The stakeholders are mainly their workers, customers and also their suppliers. They should calculate workshops and seminars to educate them on the necessity of adopting the green technology.When they fully understand the benefits they will commit to observe and adhere to the standards set in the industry and this will ensure attainment of desired results.? Financial The adoption of the above measures will nonetheless be an uphill task to most of the players in the hospitality industry. Most of these measures like i nstalling and maintaining solar and wind energy systems require huge budgets and skilled workers. Most of the players in the industry are midlevel enterprises that overlook the financial ability to manage such capital-intensive projects.Also those who carry out these projects whitethorn take a long time to recover and return to profitability. hitherto the hotels will save BIG money in the end. Conclusion The green technology should be implemented by all the industries not merely the hospitality industry. This will enhance the realization of the aspired results which will guarantee the global population of a better environment to live in. This is because global warming is a major threat to all industries regardless of the area of specialization. Failure by the industry players to implement these policies will be threatening the same businesses they rely on. 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A Plan to write an evaluation of the ways in which the European Enlightenment has influenced modern schooling

Introduction The plan includes an introduction, which leave include an explanation of what European foresight is and what transpired within this period, as well as the general physical object of the brief, which is to evaluate the ways in which it influenced modern schooling. It leave behind highlight the propose that history and reason were the two significant characteristics of this period (e.g. Saenz 1999, p. 119 Lesaffer 2009, p. 446).The European foresight and its influence on modern schoolingThe foregoing discussions involve the light of the concept of modern schooling and an evaluation of how European Enlightenment influenced it. It provide discuss the critical view of Enlightenment thinkers (e.g. Voltaire, Gibbon) on the unreasoningity of the past, alongside their often established incisive historical discontinuities for the sake of history and reason. pretended paradigms and privileges during the European Enlightenment violated the natural law and configured irrat ional social organisations (e.g. Saenz 1999). This is an important point in the evaluation.The evaluation will plant the link between the prevalent constructs during the European Enlightenment (history and reason) and the characteristics of modern schooling. It will specifically point out that the methods and techniques of modern science could be employ to explore and understand all areas of life (e.g. Romano 2010).ConclusionThe conclusion will include a summary of important points/discussions/arguments, such as the report of scientific method and commitment to reason that embody modern schooling.References to be usedAvrich, P. (2006) The Modern School Movement Anarchism and Education in the join States. Oakland, CA AK Press.Bartlett, R. C. (2001) The Idea of Enlightenment A Postmodern Study. Toronto University of Toronto Press Incorporated.Beales, D. (2005) Enlightenment and Reform in Eighteenth Century Europe. I. B. Taurus & Co. Ltd.Feiner, S. (2004) The Jewish Enlightenment. public address system University of Pennsylvania Press.Grell, P. and Cunningham, A. (2007) Medicine and Religion in Enlightenment Europe.England Ashgate Publishing Limited.Grell, P. and Porter, R. (2000) sufferance in Enlightenment Europe. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press.Hille, T. (2011) Modern Schools A Century of Design for Education. NJ Wiley & Sons.Lesaffer, R. (2009) European Legal History A Cultural and Political Perspective. impertinent York Cambridge University Press.Lindemann, M. (2010) Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe. NY Cambridge University Press.Melton, J. V. H. (2001) The Rise of the macrocosm in Enlightenment Europe. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press.Pilbeam, P. (2012) Themes in Modern European History 1780-1830. sunrise(prenominal) York Routledge.Romano, M. J. (2010) AP European History. Second Edition. NJ Wiley & Sons.Selwyn, N. (2011) Schools and Schooling in the Digital age A Critical Analysis. First Edition. Oxon Routledge.Saenz. M. (1999) The Identity of Liberation in Latin American Thought. Maryland Lexington Books.Zafirovski, M. (2011) The Enlightenment and its Effects on Modern Society. NY Springer.

American Violet Movie Review

The motion-picture show American Violet set in Hearne County Texas, depicts the victimization of innocent second screen out citizens who atomic number 18 subject to racial bias and police decadency. Hearne county, a vitiated town run by a corrupt D. A. was conducting military grapheme drug raids on low income housing units that targeted the African American population, and this was no coincidence. Shockingly, this on the whole took place not m some(prenominal) years ago, just in the year 2000. The culture in the south was steady app arntly extremely prejudice and racists, even in the criminal justice system, causing overmuch harm to innocent people.Due to the type of people they were targeting, the working class, the trickle dash off effect of who was beingness affected by these arrests was everlasting. Dee Brown, in the movie, a individual(a) mother of four, is a prime example who was the only source of income for her children and was only a waitress at that. The victi mization process in this movie is incredible, and seems almost unreal how insensitive the D. A. was to these people, using them and manipulating them the way he did without either sign of guilt.This relates directly to our victimization class in how these people are victimized. First, falsely accused and arrested on charges by a single conformant, whence forced into a plea bargain or almost a certain conviction. Victimization within the criminal justice system is still a big problem today, as the majority of cases are neer sent to trial and almost always settled in a plea bargain. This is decadency within the system and needs to be fixed, nevertheless still nothing is done.And in order to save time and property judges push for public defenders to push the plea bargain upon uneducated clients who cannot afford their own attorney. Thus, in order for the public defenders to make any money they must hear many cases, and in order to do this they cannot waste their time taking case s to trial. Even if their client may in fact be not guilty, they cannot run the risk of losing, and also to a greater extent importantly angering the judge. Therefore the footing to the never-ending vicious cycle of corruption within our criminal justice system which all comes down to advocator and money.Which was apparently a major reason to why these drug raids were possibility in Texas. Fed timel money was going to the counties with the most drug convictions, and having person in charge of the D. E. A. with racial bias to the African American union made these projects easy pickings. In a small town in Texas, going against the D. A. was simply asking for a lawsuit to brought up against yourself, and to the reason why these raids went on for years, without anyone speaking up for these poor people being served injustice.I believe we are far from an uncorrupt criminal justice system, but are working in the right the direction. The sad thing is, that behind all the corruption wi thin the system, their will always be victims, and when dealing with corruption many times it is innocent people being victimized. Racial factors also will always be an issue no matter what era we are in, and would be naive to overlook it as the nation did so for so long in Texas, not believing that such racial discrimination could still exist in the 21st century.

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The Jaguar

The Jaguar 1. It implies that the apes admire their fleas and ar to lazy tp do anything about them, where as you would think that they would want loose of the fleas because they would surely be bothered by them. 2. The simile gives me a melodramatic picture of the parrots as by saying shriek as if they were on fire gives me the image of the being precise load and frantic. 3. The figure of speech in line three is a simile and suggests to me that the parrots were flaunting themselves like cheap tarts, muliebrity who want to attract attention. 4. Tiger and lion lie simmer down as the sun.This simile gives me a picture of the tigers and lions laying nonetheless and non lamentable real often. 5. The figure of speech used here is a allegory and gives me an image of an ancient creature that used to live millions of years ago. 6. The watchword is shriek because it makes me think of the birds making loud noises. Fatigued with indolence gives me the impression that the tigers and li ons are very lazy and do not have the effort to do anything. be of sleepers from the breathing straw gives a very strong impression that the animals are very un-hygienic and are not clean. . Most of the animals are very lazy and motionless. 8. The poet uses commas more(prenominal) often to make the reader read quicker and therefor bolt the pace of the poem. The commas are also used to create tension and excitement. 9. The writer says that the painter is hurrying and also the he spins from the cage bars, showing me that the jaguar is very fast paced and frantic. 10. The language technique used is alliteration which is having linguistic communication beginning with the same letter following one another. 11.I choose the second and 3rd lines from the last verse, these lines suggest to me that the jaguar feels like he is still in the buggy and still in control. The poet mentions the wilderness of freedom to remind us of the wilderness from where the jaguar came. 12. Ted Hughes give s me the impression that he likes the jaguar because the jaguar still acts as if it is in the wild. 13. My feeling on the jaguar is that it still has not given up as the writer tells me that over the cage base of operations the horizons come giving me the impression that the jaguar is imagining still being in the wild and free

Presentation of the Gospel to Christianity Essay

Every some(prenominal)body in this world is inherently under question about his rising state of feel. Some argon trying to dissolvent questions pertaining to the true snapper of their existence. People indigence to sack out about the livelihood sentence that they were financial backing to begin with they came here on humans. With all these queries in their minds, it was engraved in their paddy wagon that there substantive be a universal world that goerns their life. It go forth lead to the idea that clears were created by a Supreme be called immortal. In the idea of creation, we tend to realize that everything in this world was created with a purpose. There essential be a very meaning(a) precept of our existence.In connection with these, it is crucial for us to cognize why we atomic number 18 here on earthly concern. It is inherent upon man to opine that we atomic number 18 genuinely created by God who is our Father in paradise. delivery boy saviour is our buddy who was the chosen son of God to save us. We need to possess ten thousand things for us to cognise the essence of our relationship with the messiah. Then eventually, we allow for answer the question on what go forth happen to us in the days subsequently tomorrow or after we die. Salvation is the most(prenominal) fundamental goal a man should have for the reason that our future life after we die depends on it.This time is our preparation for the next life. Therefore, we must c ar richly utilize this mortal life to reach redemption. Why is that so? Because when we die, there atomic number 18 so some things that we provide non do that are snappy for us without our somatogenic body. Needless to say, any wise man entrust come to say of it on how lucky we are to be tending(p) a chance to live here on earth. So we must bed this life and do bully in return to the whizz who brought us here through our dear parents. In this paper, we impart jab into the i mportance of the religious doctrine of deliverer christ in our life.It prove aid us appreciate His divine presence in everything that we do. With that, we get out modify our relationship with Him and follow His causa to gain eternal life. It has been promised by Him that we departing gain eternal life if we follow Gods will. 2 Presentation of the gospel truth to messiahianity The gospel is the good news that we receive in lodge for us to be saved. It is the word of God for man to eff and apply in their lives. In this paper, we will discuss how laughingstock we score salvation through the Gospel of savior saviour. Jesus Christ The deliverer The birth of Jesus Christ was so roll in the hayn all over the world.Stories about His birth was present in every corner so that His life was the most influential to any one. About 2,000 years ago, an apotheosis appeared to Mary in Bethlehem and to Joseph who is a carpenter informing them that Mary will conceive a baby by the po wer of God (Palmer 1). That started the life of Jesus Christ that was sent by our father in heaven for one special mission that is to save us from our sins. Jesus Christ lived in this world as a human being although He possesses extraordinary characteristics of a God. He experienced that a man will do when living a life. His earthly life involved His ministry to the population.He teaches the gospel to them with divinity and lowliness. His matchless life includes his advantage to the poor, to the sick and to the needy. He teaches everyone through par sufficients be givend by principles that until now, was studied and interpreted by many peck. He was the one who exemplified most of the power of prayer as He always teaches His disciples in its principle. One thing that we owe to Jesus Christ is His obedience in performing the most main(prenominal) sacrifice that He did for us when He was crucified. That however sent us a pith that even the chosen son of God experienced trials and catchyies as an example for us.Knowingly, he has all the qualities of a savior that He was able to do the will of our Heavenly Father. As He had been mocked and looked down by some other people, some are alarmed by the fact that He was able to prove that indeed He was the son of the Father when He was resurrected after His death. He left a remembrance for us to always opine Him through the sacrament. 3 As the life of Jesus Christ was so impressive and influential, it is surely a good start in believe that His infinite being displayed so much power. We surely heap get our life in His grace.We only have to do the things that He cherished us to accomplish in this life. The Gospel of Jesus Christianity It is respectfully submitted that we work into a universal family under heaven. Our father in heaven is so wise in creating us under a family for us to enjoy life. The family is the staple fibre unit of society. It gives us happiness and security. As children of God, it is pos sible that we should non experience pain and problems in life and we should only be blessed eternally. But God is so full of wisdom that He gave us the opportunity to experience earthly life for us to progress.Come to look at of it, is it possible for us to value happiness when we do non know the feeling of sadness? Of course not. Our life will be purblind in that case. Besides, no one will ever come to let on something without being tested. Each one of us should be minded(p) the in good order to choose. We should have granting immunity. It is the idea of our Heavenly Father to send us to earth to be tested if we are really worthy to live in His presence when judgment will come. In this mortal life, we were given the freedom to choose in the midst of good and evil. We have our conscience to guide us, our strength to distinguish between right and wrong.The goodness comes from God, He is light, delight and eternity. The resource of being evil is an act of opposing the wil l of God and that is withering to man. However, it is up to him if he will choose darkness. The idea of sin came along. Doing something that is against the will of God is sin. Our freedom to choose between good and evil results to doing illegal things and we should be trustworthy for the consequences which was not lodged into our discretion. Because man is sinful, there should be a Redeemer to save us. It was the mission of Jesus Christ to save us from darkness.In our probationary earthly life, we should follow His example in order to be saved. We must do our part because He had done his. 4 Salvation is a topic that will enlighten us how essential it is to gain eternal life for progression. Darkness is very scary and no one will ever pauperism to live in that state. Basically, when we do not follow the Savior, we will live in darkness and not in His presence. We should be grateful of our faith and belief in Jesus Christ and work through the guidance of our prayer that all men wi ll gain eternal life (Pulvermacher 1).As the will of God is to save us with our family, we must work hand in hand with family members to attain this goal. It is not the will of our Savior that our families will disintegrate. We are responsible for each member of our family. If this will be followed, then all people in this world will live in harmony. There are so many Christ-like attributes that we need to follow in order for us to be saved. In the presence of our God, He wanted that His children will cope one another. Love will result to happiness and harmony. Peace will be attained.These attributes are inherent in man for the reason that we are created in the image of God. We are heirs of His being as we are His children. However, we may not give heed to it because we were given the freedom to choose between right and wrong. The attributes that I am talking about are charity, obedience, service, humility and endurance. If a person is willing to practice all these virtues, he wil l surely do good things. By faith and prayer, it is not difficult to practice all of these. It will start with our love of the Savior because if we love Him, we will not do things that will hurt Him.But in the beginning we come to know about these attributes, we must know first some principles that we need to follow. It include baptism in the get up of Jesus Christ, offerings and scriptures. Baptism is very important because it will allow any person to have a compressed relationship with the Savior. It comprises of covenants that we want to do for Him. In baptism, we tend to take the name of Jesus Christ as the savior, we can always remember Him, book His commandments that are written in the Bible and endure to do good things until the end of life.Baptism is immersion in t o exemplify that we are born again in His name and that our sins are left in the waters when we rise. 5 That was a simple idea of baptism but it will give us an impression that it is relevant because we know th at the Savior Himself was baptised in the waters of Jordan. We should also offer our tithes and offerings in the Church so that we can please God. Ironically, we can think God do not need money. He is all powerful and as such, He can even create money. But, this offerings that I am talking about can be used primarily to aid the poor and the needy.Reading the scriptures is the most important means of communication between man and God. It is in the scriptures that we know about His teachings and principles. Parables of the Savior are written in the scriptures for us to copy and apply in our lives. Without the scriptures like the bible and other readings on Christianity, salvation will be hard to attain. It has been the basis of studying and knowing the Savior better and with our labor spread the good news to all the people. generosity is very impressive to practice as it comprises of all good whole kit and caboodle that a man needed to attain eternal life.It involves patience in e verything that happens in life, not being envious to the things others are into, not being easily provoked by any one and not to think bad things about other people. A charitable person knows how to attempt a very unkind person. He is very God-fearing as he should leave everything to God when something bad was done against him Being gentle is very hard as naturally, man do not want to be ruled by any one. He wants to do things in his own way. However, God is the maker of wisdom . He is the inventor of knowledge. As such. There are so many things that we do not know that He knows.Why cant we trust Him instead? Like Jesus Christ, our Father in heaven sent here on earth to minister His children and save them also. Knowing the pains of crucifixion, Jesus Christ did not drop to the order of His father. It has been the most difficult task God has asked for a person under His power and truly it was more than we are to experience in life. Thus, we can do good things in this life no matter how difficult the situation we are into. 6 In this world, service is the balancing act of survival. There are things that we cannot do at a time that others will do for us.If we know how to function, we can be saved. In the Kingdom of God, service is the source of faith because through it, we tend to work our love to God. We serve other people because we love them and the one who created them. We want things to be easy for all of us. Being selfish is like living in an island. Even the slightest need of overcoming any state of life require service. We serve by means of helping in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by helping the poor and the needy, by serving our unpolished where we belong, by serving the sick and taking care of the aged.These are basic things to accomplish but are remarkable to do. Remember that Jesus Christ lived in this world by helping the poor and the needy, the sick people and helpless children as He was fond of them. Service cannot be fully achieved with out exercising humility. It is not necessary of who we are in order to serve. Jesus Christ came into the world as a servant even if He was indeed the Prince of Peace as the son of God. Ironically, we are supposed to serve Him. However, the wisdom of the Lord teaches us that being humble is the foundation of a blessed service.Hence, we should serve with humility in order to be imposing before the eyes of God. Such service should come from our very hearts. As all of these things are hard to practice, we must endure. Should the Savior choose to decline the mission given by God to Him, our salvation would not be possible by now. The sacrifice that He gave us is a result of long suffering and endurance Now, as discussed earlier we knew that people can commit sin because of the freedom to choose between good and evil. It has a connection with repentance as being taught by Jesus Christ to the people.We must repent of our sins. When we pray we must tell God and ask to Him that we sinned. We must express our intention not to repeat the same erroneous belief again. Our God is full of mercy and He will surely discharge us of our sins if only we are sincere in asking forgiveness. 7 Conclusion In my presentation of the Gospel to Christianity, I am so aware that people have different beliefs in their lives. Normally, they will believe what they know from the teachings of their parents and then to the Church where they belong. I do not clean this people because they are entitled to their own beliefs.However, in this paper, I am also concerned of the opportunity that I can share important points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and convince any one that we are indeed in the mercy of our Redeemer. No matter how righteous we are, if we do not accept Jesus Christ in our lives through baptism and the jibe commandments that is part of it, we cannot be saved. Salvation is something that we need to work on. It is not given in a silver platter. The sacrifice that Jesus Christ gave for us to be saved will complete our efforts to be saved. The idea of heaven is very fulfilling because in essence we all want to live there.It is up to us if we truly want to prepare in this life to attain it. If we do not work while we are dominating our physical body, we might lose the opportunity when we die. It is respectfully recommended that we study the scriptures often. It is our constant guide in the gospel. We should pray every time we feel like praying for that is a very special invitation that we feel in our hearts to come close-set(prenominal) to Jesus Christ. Finally, I salute those righteous people who are already keeping Jesus Christ in their hearts and already pursuit His gospel.We should not forget that in everything we do in His name, there are oppositions lurking behind it that we need to overcome. Temptations to do bad should not hinder us in living with Jesus Christ through eternity. Eternity would only be a long time if we do not know how to endure to the end. Together with our families and friends, let us freely live the gospel of Jesus Christ. 8Works CitedPalmer, Ken. 11 November 2007. Life of Christ. 20 November 2007. http //www. lifeofchrist. com/life/lifescan/. Pulvermacher, Luclan. 8 December 1978. The Catholic Church and Salvation. 20 November 2007. http//www. truecatholic. org/cathsalv. htm.

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Types of Aphasia

Aphasia is a communication upset. Its a result of harm or injury to wrangle parts of the brain. And its more common in older adults, particularly those who have had a stroke. Aphasia gets in the way of a mortals ability to use or understand words. Aphasia does non impair the persons intelligence. batch who have aphasia may have bother speaking and poseing the salutary words to complete their thoughts. They may also have problems understanding conversation, drill and comprehending written words, writing words, and using numbers.What Causes Aphasia? Aphasia may also be caused by a brain tumor, brain infection, or dementia such as Alzheimers disease. In some cases, aphasia is a symptom of epilepsy or other neurological disorder. What Are the Types of Aphasia? Expressive aphasia (non-fluent) With expressive aphasia, the person knows what he or she wants to tell apart yet has difficulty communicating it to others. It doesnt matter whether the person is trying to state or write what he or she is trying to communicate.Receptive aphasia (fluent) With receptive aphasia, the person can hear a voice or read the print, notwithstanding may not understand the meaning of the message. Oftentimes, someone with receptive aphasia takes language literally. Their own speech may be disturbed because they do not understand their own language. Anomic aphasia. With anomic aphasia, the person has word-finding difficulties. This is called anomia. Because of the difficulties, the person struggles to find the right words for speaking and writing.Global aphasia. This is the most severe type of aphasia. It is lots seen right after someone has a stroke. With global aphasia, the person has difficulty speaking and understanding words. In addition, the person is unable to read or write. Primary progressive aphasia. Primary progressive aphasia is a rare disorder where people slowly lose their ability to talk, read, write, and comprehend what they hear in conversation over a period o f time. With a stroke, aphasia may break with proper therapy.There is no treatment to reverse primary progressive aphasia. hoi polloi with primary progressive aphasia are able to communicate in ways other than speech. For instance, they might use gestures. And many benefit from a faction of speech therapy and medications. What Are the Symptoms of Aphasia? The main symptoms of aphasia include Trouble speaking essay with finding the appropriate term or word Using funny or inappropriate words in conversation

O’Grady Apparel Company Essay

Analyzing Risk and parry on Chargers Products Investments Junior Sayou, a financial analyst for Chargers Products, a shaper of stadium benches, must evaluate the risk and return of two assets, X and Y. The firm is considering addng these assets to its diversified asset portfolio. To assess the return and risk of each(prenominal) asset, Junior gathered data on the annual cash emanate and beginning-and end-of-year values of each asset over the immediately preceding 10 years, 1997-2006.These data are summarized in the table below. Juniors probe suggests that both assets, on average, will tend to perform in the forthcoming just as they have during the other(prenominal) 10 years. He wherefore believes that the expected annual return rouse be estimated by conclusion the average annual return for each asset over the past 10 years.Junior believes that each assets risk can be assessed in two ways in isolation and as part of the firms diversified portfolio of assets. The risk of the assets in isolation can be engraft by using the standard expiration and coefficient of variation of returns over the past 10 years. The capital asset determine model (CAPM) can be used to assess the assets risk as part of the firms portfolio of assets. Applying some civilise quantitative techniques, Junior estimated betas for assets X and Y of 1.60 and 1.10, respectively. In addition, he found that the risk-free rate is currently 7% and that the market return is 10%.

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Luck Co. Case Study

hazard Companies Case Study Mngt 393 1. Physical Environment Segment. I would have to say neutral effect on industry because eve though the resources this industry excavates is positive for the industry, scouting locations, availability of resources and diminished resources instigate those positives. Also important but NOT the most important would be Economic (Neutral) and Demographic (positive). 2. Most influential of 5 forces would be aspiration among competing firms ( luxuriously) and Threat of Substitute Products (moderate). The industry fate Company operates is composed of a few big players who compete against each other.Substitutes of stone/rock would be a threat to the industry, depending on what shiting materials ar needed in that respect are some alternatives much(prenominal) as wood, metal, steel, aluminum and other wise artificial building materials. This is not an attractive industry for new entrants. Barriers to admittance are very lofty. These companies in t he industry are operating on economies of scale that cigaretnot be replicated. Incumbents who are operating with positive returns should continue their system and look for opportunities for growth. 3. Major competition in the mid-eastern region consists of Vulcan Materials and Martin Marietta Materials.Both of these companies operate on cost- drawship strategies and will continue because Luck Companies uses a unalikeiation schema. 4. The most full of life value chain activities for Luck Companies would be Operations (superior- industry leader of industry technology) and Distribution (neutral- I didnt see anything to suggest they are superior/inferior to their competition) and the major support functions are their human resources departments (superior Luck Companies operates under a set driven culture that is intended to hit greater financial outcomes and better performance 5.Significant Financial Factors 25% food marketplace share in Virginia as of 2010. Net Sales of 2. 5 cardinal in 2009, down from 3. 0 billion in 2006 but frugal factors weight in on those numbers. Non-financial Factors Excellent Reputation Over 3 generations of Luck Family running the company and giving back to the community. As of recent, a renewed campaign called The Values Journey has been implemented with many different core values of leadership to advance the values-based culture of Luck Companies and to build exceptional experiences with their customers and drive differentiated growth. . SWOT analysis STRENGTHS Operations, distribution, Human resources a. Opportunities pass Status as diligence Leader in operations of middle Atlantic region. Expand on industry market share. Continue good relationships with customers intentness (rock crushing, excavation) is primarily commissioned on serving general geographical field of honor where the site is located, distribution channel relationships will be maintained as long as they are respected and nurtured. Keep Human Re source focus on core values to enable Lucks reputation to stay intact. b.Threats Threats to market share are particular(a) because Luck is industry leader in customer service and logistical virtuousness which is valued by their customers. Human Resource focus with core values training ensures that the companys core values are bare throughout all departments of Luck Companies. WEAKNESSES- Industry depends heavily on scotch conditions. Luck Companies is diversified which is a potential weakness. Availability of Natural Resources. a. Opportunities limited Economic downturn can devastate the industry which is mostly comprised of bag building & furnishing.As shown in Lucks case during 2008 when they had to lay off 1200 associates. Diversification can a weakness if oversight gets lost and core values fade. Industry is dependent on natural resource harvesting (rocks/minerals/etc. ). Depletion is a major concern. b. Threats enhanced Reduction in market share of scotch downturn. Ina bility to locate more resources due to depletion of resources. 7. Major competitive reinforcement would be their efficient operations and excellent customer service. c. OPERATIONS V- High value for company and customers (sustainable)R- Rare but not obsolete (parody producing) I Costly to imitate. Hard to copy economies of scale (sustainable) N NOT non-substitutable, at that place are industry substitutes d. Human Resources V High Value for customers (sustainable) R Rare Lucks Human Resources are leader in industry (sustainable) I able to imitate but at high price. Years of core value training has developed excellent HR skills throughout company (sustainable) N Non-substitutable. Customer care and follow up care are not substitutable. (Sustainable) 8.Current Strategies- Business Level strategy is specialism Luck Companies is the industry leader in logistics and excellent customer service. Competitors focus on cost leadership strategy. Corporate level Luck focuses on valu e training and up keeping their core values that attain them a competitive advantage. Cooperative strategy- Luck has acquired formerly known downwind Tennis Court and changed the name to Har-Tru. They are the global leader in tennis court surfacing and their current focus is brand pattern building in china, then taking their reputation to other markets.International strategy is similar to their cooperative strategy because their only international strategy in based on their Har-Tru acquisition. 9. Firm seems to be excelling in many areas. I dont see many problem areas other than sustaining market share of Stone division and building brand recognition of Har-Tru in china to promote in other geographic locations around the world. 10. Q1 Do you see Luck Companies entering any other excavation markets such as oil, natural gas, coal (energy)? Q2 How and what benchmark goals does Luck Companies have for Har-Tru?

Psychoanalysis of Crime Essay

An individual(a)s sentiency of self has unceasingly been an issue that fascinated people. Under the nonion that virtually people delight talking ab go forth themselves, the realm of psychology opened its doors to investigate the primal conditions that make people who they be and how they perceive others and the world. Many theories have been positive in order to understand the complexities that make up the human head teacher and it is in this aspect that this paper will center upon.The supposition which I have chosen for this particular case study is the Psychoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud and I believe this theory will address or so of the airal patterns that the subject is situated in. Freuds psychoanalytic style in examining an individuals motives for behavior has established the grounds for in-depth analysis into a persons psyche and though it has its limitation, it offers a refreshing stand as to why such behaviors have endured and its signifi drive outce to an individuals interpretation of the world (Shoham, 1993).Psychoanalysis has helped in putting into perspective the more or less shipway in which behaviors of an individual or groups of individuals could be determined by the examining their upbringing and isolating internal and external desires. One of the major conjectures of depth psychology is that individuals be inherently sinful and they are controlled by certain instincts which are buried in virtuosos subconscious. The psychoanalytic theory attempts to learn these internal desires in order to determine the honorable kind of work in which the individual faculty be able to control a problematic behavior from recurring (Elliott, 2002).In order to see the chip of the psychoanalytical theory, a brief background of the case study should be presented to comprehend the situation. The case study involves a twenty-eight year out of date man named Bert who was convicted of tearting larceny. In the article, Bert was condemned to serve a four year condemn in prison house with eighteen months non-parole. Admitting to the villainy he had move, he was tell to have been accompanied by devil accomplices whom he knew from his previous prison sentence.It was relayed that Bert had entered a barroom unmatched nighttime and was approached by the two accomplices who urged him to joint them rob a f comeory. Nine weeks before the incident, Bert was out of prison afterward serving a year in prison for getting caught with stolen solids. In Freuds Division of the mind, he enlists the concept of the Id, Superego and Ego. The Id is supposed to uphold the baser instincts that are present in each individual. It dispenses on the precepts of pleasure to satisfy the ingrained necessitys of the individual.The Superego comprises the ethical or moral aspect of the individual that appeals to an ideal sense of existence. The Ego is give tongue to to be the balancing aspect of the individuals personality as it maintains the needs and wants of both the Id and the Superego. The Ego represents the awareness of an individual regarding his/her state of being (Shoham, 1993). If the processes that harmonize these three should ever be disrupted, it would bring to pass uneasiness to the individuals psyche and cause him/her to employ some defense mechanisms that would be able to shield the ego.The psychoanalysis in Berts case encompasses a great deal of struggle between his superego and id, as can be de n aned when he points out that he is frustrated with himself for not being able to avoid outlaw activities. This is described as an over-developed superego, which imposes an high-spirited need for punishment with regard to the things the individual has wrongly committed or the unpleasant experiences that has brought misery into the individuals life (Shoham, 1993).In the text, Bert was said to have grown-up in a dysfunctional family and that his absentee father was also a criminal who often displayed a viol ent attitude towards the family whenever he was home. In this aspect, Berts rationale on punishing himself was an act of regression in an early state of his life that involved his father (Shoham, 1993). The illegal acts Bert has committed during his early teens and the subsequent trips to juvenile and adult institutions has led him to think that he should be penalized for the things that he has done and for be foresightfuling to a family that breeds criminals..In a sense, Bert might be trying to compensate for his fathers drift of abandoning his children with regard to his wife and kids and most especially, his brothers and sister. This kind of rationalization instills tension into his being, which makes him unconsciously commit illegal activities despite his efforts to reform his life (Shoham, 1993). As a result of this conflict, Bert reasons out in a defying way that even though he acknowledges his wrongdoing, he believes that it is under the influence of alcohol and the two cons pirators with him the night of the criminal activity.Bert also pointed out that the long sentence designated to the criminal act that he had committed was a bit unreasonable since he solitary(prenominal) stole goods from a factory and not a private residence. establish on these statements, Bert had shown feelings of contradiction between his guilt for what he had done and his recognition of the situation as he puts the blame on other sources in lieu of himself. In the case study, Bert was thought of to be a cinch by the law officers as the former would get caught up in situations that force him to do things that should best be avoided (Elliot, 2002).Parallel to his over-developed superego, Berts behavior also displays a weak Ego in conjunction with his Id. His softness to stand his ground in moral situations and his inadequacy in delivering good judgments makes him a pawn for manipulative individuals similar the two conspirators whom Bert met at the pub (Shoham, 1993). In this situation, it is quite clear that he is still in demur of what he has done since he has not fully accepted the function for the criminal act. However, in another statement, he also did not want to cooperate with the law enforcers in identifying who were his accomplices in committing larceny.This posits a rather confuse behavior as Bert did not want to admit fully to the crime committed yet he does his conspirators a favor and refuses to give out their names to the law officers as he believes that he is not one to break the code of brotherhood. This act alone concurs with the insight made ahead about his desire to be punished for being a criminal (Rosen, 1996). On another note, Bert has tried to justify the crime he had committed by rationalizing the triviality of robbing the factory and that a long sentence was not obligatory.He seems to suppress the mere fact that he has a long track record of criminal activities that warrants for the current court verdict. With this in mind, one can deduce that Bert still thinks of himself as a misguided youth. such display of reasoning implicates how the purlieu he grew up in greatly influenced his decisions in life (Shoham, 1993). His lack of a formal education and unrestrained nurture at home resulted to his rebellious conduct and misplaced ill will that could only be attributed to his familys situation.Berts leanings toward alcoholism whitethorn be credited to his undeveloped oral acquaint, which his mother could not properly bid as the strains of his father being in prison and the abuses that his mother and siblings authoritative from him deprived Bert of a normal transition into the next stages of development (Shoham, 1993). In addition, his fathers drunken presence at the puberty stage predisposed him and his older brothers to acclimate a life of criminal activities since that might have been the only way that he could be with his father who was gone most of the time.While he was third among the two boys in his family, he could not look up to his older brothers as they too were uncertain for the nurturing in which he sought from his parents (Shoham, 1993). It is in this aspect that one can observe the oedipal complex that Freud has included in his Stages of Development theory as it demonstrates the lack of attention and love that Bert wanted from his father (Shoham, 1993).Berts loose intimacy issues from both his parents compelled him to project this in an unhealthy lifestyle done alcohol and a string of criminal records. In defense of the two conspirators, Bert might have felt a sense of belongingness in their accompany since they understood his situation more than anyone, which is why he was adamant to not cooperate with the law enforcers (Shoham, 1993). Berts yearning to successfully reform may be hampered by his own moral perceptions as he is not able to grasp the consequences his actions have merited him.While he is bear upon by what happens with his wife and two children, he cannot instinctively change his ways without going through therapy or some form of rehabilitation to clear his ways. Berts situation could have been easily avoided if he has learned to act on his own. Since his lack of education poses a hindrance to the development of his being, one could suggest that individuals like Bert who are frequently law breakers should be also be subjected to an education in their correction facilities aside from the monetary value that they serve (Kline, 1987).According to Lester and Van Voorhis rule book Psychoanalytic therapy, criminal convicts like Bert should not be subjected to environments that derail their development. Since most these convicts are not well-equipped with the right attitude to stay off the streets, correctional facilities should be able to domiciliate such services that will be able to aid them to commit to reformation.Support from family and close friends should also be encouraged though for most of these convicts, it would seem quite difficult as most of them dont have a strong support base (p. 122). From Klines book Psychoanalysis and crime, it has been suggested that creating a viable environment for these convicts when they got out is necessary as that will sustain their progress for development and would make them not want to seek the confines of the prison walls as they will be able to feel part of the society again.This entails releasing them in an environment where temptations would not abound and provide them with jobs that does not degrade their sense of being (p. 60). Analyzing Berts case in the psychoanalytic perspective has provided grounds on in which correctional facilities should be able to help convicts to maintain a reformed life.

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Critical analysis of the Lottery Essay

Over solely Shirley Jackson discusses the sweat of the setting, the rummy bespeak, and the outer(prenominal) symbolism in The Lottery to pause an over tout ensemble point of situation of the theme.Even though a small village made see self-possessed, and a good place to raise a family, it is not continuously what it seems to be. The ratifier is about to enter a world with ritualistic watching and religious orthodoxy in The Lottery.The Lottery takes place on a go off and sunny integralitymer morning around June 27 in a small village with about three hundred villagers gathering together in the central determine for the annual draftsmanship. As a peasant Shirley Jackson was interested in writing she won a numbers prize at age twelve, and in high school she keeps a diary to record her writing progress. In 1937 she entered Syracuse University, where she published stories in the student literary magazine.Despite her busy life as a wife and a mother of four children, she wrote every day on a disciplined schedule. The Lottery is one of Jacksons best-known works. In The Lottery Shirley Jackson will discusses the movement of the setting, unusual foreshado net profitg and outermost symbolism to give us an overall point of absorb from the story.When one thinks of a lottery, one imagines winning a large sum of money. Shirley Jackson uses the setting in The Lottery to foreshadow an ironic ending. The peaceful and tranquil town described in this story has an annual lottery every June 27 early part of 1800s in a small village with 300 people (456). Setting is to describe clip and place of the story. The story occurs around ten oclock (456).This is an unusual time because in most towns all the adults would be working during mid-morning. In the lottery an ironic ending is also foretold by the towns setting being described as one of normalcy. The town squargon is described as being between the post office and the pious platitude (456). Every normal town has these buildings, which are essential for day-to-day functioning. throughout the story little parts of setting are being told, to give a clearer picture for a better understanding of the story.Jackson foreshadows a surprise ending. Foreshadowing is to hint of somethingthat would follow with the story. As the story continues the reader is told that school has let out for the summer, and yet the feeling of liberty sits anxiously with the children (456), which is strange, for no normal kid would be anything less than ecstatic over summer break.Finally, the children are verbalize to be building a pitcher of stones in one corner of the square (456), which is a very strange game for children to play. All of these hints indicate that something strange and un tolerateed is going to happen, and they all will make sense once we discuss the storys final outcome.Symbolism is also a strong element of the story. The base of the black box carried by Mr. Summer (456) is a key go point showing s ymbolism, which is anything in a story that represents something else, giving the awed ominous answers to all those foreshadowing hints. When the black box is brought in, its said to be a tradition that no one liked to upset. The villagers unplowed their distance from the box, as though they feared it (461).More and more the towns peculiarity begins to become apparent. For an example, the names of certain residents hit at the caustic remark and unfavorable events to come. From the authors extravagant detailing of the town, one would expect this lottery to be a chance for one lucky family to win some money. Instead, the winners prize is death-by stoning In the story Tessie won the prize when Bill, her husband, forced the paper out of her hand (461). The act of the residents at the end of the story is disturbingthey go about cleaning the winner ritualistically, trying to finish quickly. (461). They show no empathy at alltheyre simply following an ancient ritual.Overall Shirley Jac kson discusses the movement of the setting, the unusual foreshadowing, and the outermost symbolism in The Lottery. The lesson in this story hits delightful hard.The Lotterys relationship to real life is that sometimes we are presented with traditions that have been adhered to for as long as anyone can remember, and we forget the earth these customs were created in the first place. The problem is that circumstances can salmagundi and make these traditions outdated, useless, and even harmful. Overall the main point of the story is that unconditioned and indulgent believers can bring death to an innocent person, so and so we must re-evaluate our traditionsotherwise were just letting ourselves be stoned.

Social Phsycology

SOCIAL psychology FINAL EXAMINATION (CH 12, 13, & 14) SPRING 2011 MULTIPLE CHOICE 3 points each 1. An act performed voluntarily to help someone else when there is no expectation of receiving a revenge is known as a. nurturance b. altruism c. pro-social expression d. modeling 2. True altruism is defined by a. the circumstances ring the look b. the mortals intentions c. the person himself or herself d. culture 3. Pro-social behavior is defined as a. any act that helps others, even if it is done to make yourself look wide-cut b. a voluntary act to help others with no thought of reward . helping that serves to perpetuate ones genes d. none of the above 4. Ethan volunteers to help with the local particular(prenominal) Olympics in order to build up his resume for communication channel hunting.His behavior would best be described as a. prosocial behavior b. altruism c. reactance d. reciprocativeity 5. Researchers baffle found that we are to the highest degree likely to be ac commodative to a. anyone who asks b. strangers c. friends d. all(prenominal) of the above 6. Which of the following is non one of the theoretical perspectives on helping described in the text edition? a. evolutionary psychology b. a learning approach c. a decision-making perspective . social impact system 7. Evolutionary psychologists have discover that a. prosocial behavior is rare among non-human animals b. prosocial behavior is parking lot land among primates, but not in other animal species c. prosocial behavior is observed among animals only when a mother is protecting her young d. prosocial behavior is common among non-human animals8. Evolutionary theorists believe that altruism among animals and humans persists because a. helping provides the coadjutor with excited rewards b. helping increases survival value c. helping is rarely risky to the helper d. elping makes an individual appealing to potential cozy partners 9. The notion that any genetically determined trait that has a high survival value go forth tend to be passed on to the next generation is a foot of a. evolutionary psychology b. genetic determinism c. learning theory d. the nature/ upgrade debate 10. Sociobiologist Robert Trivers has argued that only ________ is biologically based. a. prosocial behavior b. reactive altruism c. reciprocal altruism d. maternal altruism 11. Laws that require bystanders to an emergency to help a potential victim are based on a a. average of reciprocity . norm of social justice c. norm of social indebtedness d. diffusion of responsibility 12. Which country has the highest murder rate?a. Finland b. Great Britain c. Canada d. the unify States 13. According to materials presented in your text, _____ percent of violent crimes are committed by strangers. a. 0. 6 b. 44 c. 56 d. 90 14. In explaining the origins of aggressiveness, Freud focused on the concept of a. childhood learning b. pathological behavior c. instinct d. egoism 15. The definition of aggr ession as any behavior that hurts others would be the preferent definition of a. ognitive dissonance theorists b. exchange theorists c. social impact theorists d. learning theorists 16. superstar problem with a behaviorist definition of aggression is that does not repulse into account a. displacement b. learning history c. intentionsd. sanctioned aggression 17. An motiveless criminal act that hurts others would be considered __________ aggression. a. prosocial b. sanctioned c. aggressive d. retaliation 18. You turn back a tv set news report featuring a policeman foiling a bank holdup by killing two of the robbers. This is a case of a. reactance b. sanctioned aggression . prosocial aggression d. foiling-aggression 19. You see a television news report featuring a shopkeeper who shot and killed a disguise gunman who was trying to rob his store. This is a case of a. covert aggression b. prosocial aggression c. social exchange d. sanctioned aggression 20. One of the most common sources of ________ is an attack or intrusion by another(prenominal) person. a. frustration b. anger c. low self-esteem d. reactance 21. The interference with or obstruct of the advance of a goal is known as a. frustration b. normative blocking c. reactance d. anger 22.A child who sees an adult on television hitting another person and then hits his little brother is engaging in a. disinhibition b. dehumanization c. imitation d. aggression anxiety 23. The realization that wellness is a psychological as well as a physical issue has prone rise to the field of a. epidemiology b. oncology c. psychological anthropology d. wellness psychology 24. The study of health psychology focuses on a. preventing and treating illnesses b. promoting and maintaining health c. improving the healthcare system d. all of the above 25. The _____ model says health is social, biological, and psychological. . psychosocial b. sociological c. sociobiological d. biopsychosocial 26. Annual crab louse deaths in the United States could be reduced by _____ percent if everyone stop smoking. a. 5-10 b. 25-30 C. 55-60 d. 85-90 27. Your text describes disorders such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as a. preventable b. plaguey c. political d. ecological 28. Deaths due to vehicular accidents could be reduced by _____ percent if drunk driving were eliminated. a. 5 b. 20 c. 50 d. 85 29. Which of the following is described by your text as preventable? a. diabetes b. core group disease c. Cancer d. All of the above 30.Which of the following is classified by your text as a health behavior? a. being no more than ten percent overweight b. not eating surrounded by meals c. eating breakfast each day d. all of the above 31. The author many people do not engage in health behaviors is a. they do not know the behaviors most associated with better health b. they have biological predispositions that encourage unhealthy behavior c. the consequences of health behaviors often do not appear for many yea rs d. all of the above32. Which of the following is NOT a basic health belief, as identified in your text? a. general health values b. sychological reactance c. self-efficacy d. personal vulnerability T/F (1point each) 33. It is very rare for people to offer help to strangers. F 34. Freud is the person most associated with evolutionary approaches to helping. F 35. An uneven distribution of economic resources in a country is associated with higher murder rates. T 36. Most scientists discipline that aggression is learned it does not come from inherited tendencies. F 37. health beliefs have not done a very good job of predicting most health behaviors. F 38. Adolescents who engage in risky sexual behaviors are unlikely to use condoms consistently. T

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Desert Flower (Waris)

Desert Flower Every commonwealth has their own cultures and traditions, about of the cultures and traditions control us. In Africa, a miss named Waris, she was 3 years old who forced to have a FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as others girls who had this uncouth practice. But, she had no choice to run away from this practice because its one of the traditions that the woman has to get circumcision to be a pure girl and virgin until getting married.Waris kept her pain inside of her heart, inside of her body until she grows up and her family decided to marry her to an old man but she fly from the village to London where she ended up to be a worldwide fashion than fought against FGM. Waris faced a lot of struggles while she was developing. The Two briny things are ment all in ally and physically. Mentally, she kept remember the pain that she had when they circumcised her on a rock in the desert with dirty instruments and aggressive human macrocosm who doesnt have any mercy for tho se children. In addition, physically, as we all know, females develop menstruation at a young age.As we have seen in Desert Flower the Movie, during Waris menstruation, she kept having a pain in her abdominal muscle area because she developed medical issues including Wound infection, tetanus, syncope, and clotting which inhabited the exculpate flow of blood from her genitalia. Which I think that happened to all female who had FGM and some who had bled to death after the mutilation and some woman who died during childbirth as with Sophia and Amena. Unfortunately, this brutal practice still continues but Im sure that it exit stop one day because nothing that God gives us is unclean.

Mary Prince Essay

1. To what extent does the autobiography of Mary Prince tell her suffer theme?. The following essay shall asses to what extent Mary Princes account rumor was get outed in her ingest words afterwards world record down by Susanna Strickland and past edited by doubting Thomas Pringle for publication. With the momentary of the Abolition of the knuckle down Trade Act by the British sevens in 1807, the attention of the campaigners against the slave trade switched to the issue of slavery itself.Although the profession in slaves itself had been banned , nothing had been done to free those already enslaved inside the British Empire. In 1823 some(prenominal) religious groups, politicians and abolitionist supporters came together to skeletal system the Anti- Slavery Society who campaigned on behalf of those enslaved to the right of immunity. It wasnt until august 1833 that the Slave Emancipation Act was finally passed, giving all slaves currently existing in bondage within the British Empire their freedom after a set period of years.The 1833 Act did not actually practice into force until the 1st of August 1834 and although the many enslaved state in the British West Indies were no longer legally slaves, they were still exploited, inhumanly treated and very much forced to work for low wages and inadequate housing by former masters. The text The Hi account of Mary Prince, a West Indian slave. Related by herself. was one of many slave narratives apply by religious abolitionist 2. groups such as the Quakers to promote their campaign and interchange public interest and support.It was in addition the first slave narrative by a black female from the British Caribbean. Mary Prince was a Bermudan woman that was born into slavery through her parents who where also slaves. She was sold remote from her mother and siblings when she was 12 years of age. After many years in slavery with different masters and in various locations she finally arrived in England w here she was technically classed as a free woman and left her thusly owners Mr and Mrs Woods after being threatened with being thrown out(a) into the streets.With nowhere to go Mary took shelter with a couple from the Moravian perform she had been attending and within a short period of time was introduced to Thomas Pringle an active abolitionist author, a poet and the secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society within whose star sign she was then employed. A pass was made to Pringle by Prince to hurt her story recorded so that good people in England might strike from a slave what a slave had felt and suffered. Pringle agreed to this request and asked Susanna Strickland to recorded Princes narrative so that he whitethorn edit and publish it.Pringle makes it capable in the preface of the text that Mary requested this herself by stating The idea of writing Mary Princes history was first suggested by herself. he states this as he felt it important that the reviewer was utterly clea r that Prince was not in anyway coerced into telling her story, possibly discerning that he would receive heavy criticism from pro-slavery groups declaring he had taken profit of Prince being in his 3. employment and in a venerable place and convinced her into helping him create a religious propaganda pamphlet overhaul only to guilt Christians into supporting his campaign.Throughout the text Prince continuously challenges the ideals of enslaved woman. Prince shows us that she was not as typically submissive as most people in England whitethorn scram thought, and, that she has an assertive spirit and a common sense of agency giving us exact examples of the times she had confronted masters and stood up to them I then took courage and said that I could stand the trouncegings no longer that I was weary of my life it could be said these examples were regorge in to show Prince clearly has enough agency to put her in a position to ask for her story to be published by an employer . The problem is would a Slave after running away for several days and being brought home by her father to her master, dare discourse to her master in this way. Prince even goes onto say He did not flog me that day. this seems highly unusual as most runaways were harshly punished by their masters as an example to other slaves, of the consequences, of running away. We could take into consideration the use of language as Prince states she was not flogged that day perhaps message the punishment came afterward but in order to keep the nervous impulse of the story moving along the memory was cut short upon editing.Something that is becalm unusual about Princes narrative is the lack of content of the issues surrounding internal abuse. This is peculiar as sex abuse 4. of slaves seemed to be a characteristic feature of West Indian life for slaves in the 18th and nineteenth century. Sandra Paquet argues that social and religious prohibitions surrounding sexually explicit material in nineteenth century Britain and legal liabilities attached to the publication of such tracts fit(p) further constraints on Mary Princes individual vocalization.Thomas Pringle being part of the Evangelical movement was fully aware that middle of age(p) white Christian housewives would not want to read about sexual abuse as this would have been distasteful and black slave women already had a reputation for being sexually promiscuous so this would have discredited Prince as a witness. That said, Mary conservatively gives details of incidents that have a rather sexual overtone, speaking of her old master Mr D_ she says He had an ugly fashion of stripping himself quiet naked and ordering me to then wash him in a tub of water.This was worse to me than all the licks. sometimes when he called me to wash him I would not come, my eyes were full of disconcert. still it does not end there, prince goes on to inform the reader for he was a very indecent man -very spiteful, and too indecent w ith no shame for his servants, no shame for his own flesh. , here Prince has managed to keep this part of her story in the text by either knowing to tread carefully or by Pringle helping to prune it.Whilst Prince does not state that she has been sexually abused she hints an alludes to the idea that there was something very sexual in nature about the relationship between Mr D_ and the slaves he 5. owned. The preface of the text create verbally by Thomas Pringle testifies to the truthfulness and authenticity of the narrative by reflexion The narrative was taken down from Marys own lips also he states No fact of importance has been omitted, and not a unmarried circumstance or vox populi has been added. this is a rather bold statement when put into the context that the narrative is being told by someone heavy reliant on memory.Sometimes things are remembered differently in hindsight. It is clear from the evidence of scars on Princes body (something Strickland claims to have seen w ith her own eyes) that she has been through a somewhat traumatic experience of slavery, so we have to question how that may have affected her memory and how much did Pringle fill in the blanks with his own input. An example is Princes memory of being sold off at the slave auction by her mother I was then put up for sale.The bidding commenced at a few pounds, and gradually rose to fifty-seven, how fuel a girl of 12 years old, amongst the chaos of a boom slave market, with the grief of being ripped apart from her mother and siblings heavy on her heart and after 30+ years of traumatising abuse, whilst being held in bondage, in all honesty remember the exact amount she was sold for. For it may seem a small detail but it does lead the reader to question the authenticity of the small details within Princes narrative. It could have been added later by Pringle to help the narrative read more flowingly as a story to help keep the reader interested.Pringle being a writer himself knew that 6 . people were not interested in reading patchy stories that lacked sentiment and that are hard to follow ,so, he had to make it appealing to his audience. rough drawing to conclusion the evidence that has been examined shows that the narrative does include Princes own voice, even though there is at times evidence to suggest that it could have been hard edited and pruned. Despite this, between Princes voice and Pringles clever pillar skills the goal for Mary to tell her story and make it public association in order to gain freedom for all slaves was a happy one.So damning and full of sentiment was her narrative that it helped push forwards the Slave Emancipation Act, which in turn earned thousands of enslaved people their freedom and changed the shape of industry forever. The fact that that Mary Princes story is still studied, analysed and used as an example by writers, teachers and students alike adds testament to the authenticity of her voice and the fact that her narrative r eflects the self made herione that she was.

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Interm Acct Essay

1. What is the defining preeminence between for-profit businesses and not-for-profit, including governments? What are the implications of this distinction for financial insurance coverage? governings and not-for-profits provide function that are targeted to groups of constituents who advocate a political or social draw or who carry out research or other activities for the cash advance of society. The objectives of governments and not-for-profits cannot generally e expressed in dollars and cents and are often ambiguous. Government and not-for-profit have relationships (unlike with a business) with the parties providing their resources.2. why is the budget a far to a greater extent important document in both governments and not-for-profits than it is in businesses? Revennues and expenditures are controlled or strongly influenced through the budgetary process.3. What is meant by interperiod equity? What is its consequences for financial reporting? The term interperiod equity is the concept that emphasizes that entities should not transfer costs eve to future years, let alone future generations. 4. Why may the co-ordinated concept be less relevant for governments and not-for-profits than it is for businesses? 5. What is the significance for financial reporting of the many restrictions that are placed upon a governments resources?6. Why is it difficult to develop accounting principles that are appropriate for governments within the alike(p) category and even more difficult to develop them for governments within several(predicate) categories? 7. What is the significance for financial reporting of a governments business office to tax? How does it affect the governments overall financial effect? 8. Why has it proven especially difficult to establish accounting principles that change governments to satisfy all three elements of GASBs first objective of financial reporting in a single statement of revenue and expenditures or balance sheet?

keisey report Essay

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results indicated that my personality showcase is that of the Guardian Provides (ESFJ) and my character type is Provider (ESFJ). My results indicated that my personality is the cornerstone of society and that I have a natural talent in managing goods and services-from supervision to maintenance and supply. It also say that I believe in law and order. I take overcharge in universe dependable and trustworthy. I can also be counted on to get the job done. I honor customs and traditions, precise close to schedules Im not comfortable with winging it or egregious new trails. My results also indicated that I am cautious about veer and when it comes to changes. I prefer to go slow and look before I leap.When it comes to the needs of people, especially those close to me I approach tasks in nonionic and thoughtful matter. It also said that I am a shop steward of traditions like holidays, and I go out of my way to make sure as shooting people are cared and provided for. I totally retard with the results of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, my results couldnt have been more accurate. I am a person who cares about others, and I have always said that I was born to serve. When it comes to my victor life, no job is beneath me. I am very loyal, a team player, a hard worker and sympathetic to the needs of others. To my wonder the results were very accurate when it said that I am sensitive to the feelings of others. I love to entertain although I may not be the host. I often find myself talking to others, making sure that the needs of the lymph node are taken care of and making sure that they are involved.I dont like taking risk nor do I like major changes .What I think can really supporter me is to have an open mind when it comes to change. I do not agree with the results regarding personal criticism nor am I able to speak with confidence. I can definitely use this information in my work surroundings such as keeping an open mind to c hanges, not being quick to judge, and being very cautious.